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You might believe building a custom home means you’re starting out with a larger mortgage loan because you’re not getting a deal. You’re not negotiating prices with a seller, so you think you’re not getting the most bang for your buck. You’re actually getting a lot more value in a custom home than you ever imagined, and you simply don’t realize just how much value you’re getting for every dollar you spend.

You Get What You Want

You’re not sacrificing hardwood floors you’ve always wanted for the space you need for your large family since you can’t find everything you want while shopping for an existing home. When you build, you get everything you want. You’re not spending money on things you don’t love to get what you need. You’re spending money only on things you love.

You Get A Warranty

If you buy an existing home, you might not get any warranties. You get all the warranties when you build. It’s worth every penny you pay to build. Knowing you’re covered if something breaks or happens is worth every dime.

You Pay Lower Energy Costs

That beautiful existing home is probably twice as much to heat, cool, and live in as your brand-new build. You’re getting all energy-efficient appliances, upgrades, windows, and features. Each of these things saves money.

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You Get Peace of Mind

How many people buy an existing home only to put out a ton of money right away to replace floors, paint the walls, upgrade the curb appeal, or even repair broken heat pumps, septic tanks, roofs? With a custom home, you’re moving in with the knowledge everything is as it should be, it works, and it’s not going to need repairs a week later.

Everything is Safe

Existing homes are wonderful. They have so much character and beauty, but sometimes they may be dangerous. They may not be up to current codes, might have lead paint or asbestos. You just don’t know even after an inspection. Building a new home means everything is as safe as the current market allows and that’s a nice, relaxing feeling.

You’re Saving Money on Maintenance

Not only do you get to live in your newly constructed home with warranties, you also get to live there knowing you’re not spending money on maintenance for years. You’re not going to have your septic pumped for years. You’re not paying to have your plumbing cleared right away, and you’re not re-caulking your doors and windows every year. You’re saving money on small maintenance costs every day.

You Get the Location You Want

One thing many people sacrifice when they buy a home is location. If you want the home of your dreams, sometimes you have to look outside your dream neighborhood. If you build, you get both the home of your dreams as well as the property of your dreams. This means you’re adding value to your home immediately.


It’s cheaper to add the modern conveniences you want to your home before it’s been built than it is to add them later. This means you get to choose what works best for your family and pay for it once. For example, it’s easier to just build a double-oven into the wall during construction than to add it when you buy a home and have to reconfigure things.

Your new home is filled with value before you ever move in. You’re getting a lot more for your money than when you buy. You’re paying for things money can’t typically buy, which is a lovely feeling. Alair Homes Regina will work with you to make sure you achieve your dream home.