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Building a custom home¬†with Alair Homes Regina is a process that allows you to create a space that suits your needs and lifestyle. When it comes to designing your kitchen, you’ll want to research the latest interior design trends of 2018 to determine how you should style the space. Creating a custom environment that looks modern can be attained by adding the most recent looks that have appeared in magazines for the new year.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks may seem minimal and not necessarily a recent trend, but they’ve come back in style for their ability to balance a variety of dramatic features and materials that are installed in a custom home. Although vessel sinks were more common in recent years, they often overpowered the space and limited the amount of countertop space that is provided. Undermount sinks make it easy to keep surfaces clean by quickly wiping dirt and grime down the drain. Consider adding a simple porcelain sink that looks clean and won’t appear outdated in the coming years.

Photo by Alair Homes ReginaLook for bathroom design inspiration

Shades of Gray

If you want to make your room neutral without allowing it to look bland, you can embrace the color gray and use it on different surfaces in the room. Instead of just painting the walls gray, you can also use the color shade on the cabinets to use a sophisticated palette that works well for both men and women who spend time in the room. It’ll provide a modern environment that is more upscale than using brighter colors.

You can also pair the mixture of gray shades with white and black, which will allow the room to appear fresh and bright.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

One of the best ways to create a minimal bathroom that looks stunning and clean is with a dark floor that has porcelain floor tiles. Although patterned and colorful tiles can look appealing, you can begin to tire of the look after several years, making it necessary to choose a dark tile design that hides dirt and loose hair. Choose porcelain tiles that have a simple shape and will maintain their appeal for many decades with a charcoal color shade.

Stone tiles are an additional option that is trendy but still mature and classy. Using dark gray or black stone tiles will allow a smaller floor to appear spacious when paired with white walls.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are the perfect addition to both small and large bathrooms because they contribute to the design of the room and also make the space easy to relax in when you’ve had a long day. The freestanding tub will become the focal point of the room, making it necessary to install it in a place that is front and center to prevent it from going hidden. Smaller tubs are also available for guest bathrooms but will still make the home appear more chic and high-end when you want to leave an impression with the space. Search for a tub that retains heat to prevent it from making the bathroom too warm when it’s in use.