Getting your home ready for guests can be fun and exciting. You’re probably excited to see friends from out of town or spend time with family members. Make sure your guests feel welcome and have a great time during their visit by making sure they know where to find everything.

1. Deep Clean Your Home

Your home should be organized for family and friends, yet it should be cleaned thoroughly for guests. Make sure your guests feel comfortable by giving your entire home a good cleaning. Sweep and vacuum floors and mop hard floors. Dust all surfaces. Clean the windows. Take out the trash. Make sure the laundry is done.

2. Stock the Bathroom with Essentials

After you’ve cleaned the bathroom, you might want to stock it with some essentials to make your guests feel at home. Make sure to put a stack of fresh, clean bath towels where guests can easily find them. Hang a few hand towels on hooks or towel racks. Stock the bathroom with plenty of toilet paper, so your guests don’t feel uncomfortable about asking for more. Make sure the medicine cabinet has toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss.

Make your guests feel really welcome by hanging bathrobes for them on hooks near the shower. Place a few washcloths in the shower too. Stock your shower or bath with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. Place fresh flowers in a vase on the bathroom vanity.

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3. Ask About Guests’ Morning Routines

Everyone has a different routine in the morning. Some people prefer coffee while others drink tea. Some people enjoy eggs for breakfast while others like oatmeal. Ask your guests about their personal preferences before they arrive, so you know what they’ll enjoy at your home. Stock your house with their favorite items. If you have a coffee maker, be sure to set out instructions; if your guests wake up before you do, they can make coffee without waiting for you to wake up. Place a note on your kitchen counter where your guests can find items for breakfast, and encourage them to help themselves.

If your guests enjoy a morning walk, leave a note describing the best walking or exercise routes in your neighborhood. Put a few bottles of water by the door, so they don’t need to go without.

4. Set Up Your Guest Room

Your guest room will be your guests’ safe haven while they are visiting. Make sure it has everything they might need. Make the bed with fresh linens, and put a stack of spare sheets nearby. Put a light coverlet on the bed, and drape a quilt over the bottom of the bed. Place an extra blanket somewhere nearby, so your guests can use it if they’re cold. If there’s a separate thermostat in the guest room, post a note on how to use it.

Place fresh flowers in vases around the room, but make sure your guests aren’t allergic first. You might also want to put a pitcher and a few glasses for water on the bedside table, so guests can get water during the night.

Put an extra hair dryer on the vanity, so your guests can dry their hair. You could also add a curling iron or flat iron and some hair products to the vanity as well.