When building a custom home, most people are looking to pay less for the materials and labor. Bidding requires that the homeowner sit down and develop a design plan before multiple builders put in bids. The method seems like a great way to pay less for construction on the house and save time. However, it sometimes leads to issues and complications that clients could otherwise avoid.

Common Issues

Custom built homes are very unique. Their footprints and design features can vary greatly. It is important to find a builder who understands the complexities of custom home building. Someone who avoids using a very standard bid for multiple projects is better equipped to provide accurate information.

You may not get what you expect if you hire a builder simply because they offer the lowest bid. Many homeowners make the mistake of failing to include enough details to their builder. Hidden charges are also sometimes not disclosed in the bid. This is why in-depth discovery meeting processes are so important. They offer the builder an opportunity to ask questions and ensure they have all the details and homeowners to get specific information about the estimate.

Building a custom home is easier when a builder is prepared to make important decisions along the way. Their choices often affect the outcome of the house. Depending on their experience in the industry and if they have your best interest in mind, they may or may not make the best decisions. Many horror stories start with the homeowner getting what they think is a good deal only to find it was not such a great deal after all.


While there are many ways in which builders can lower costs while still offering a superior product, sometimes their final number results from taking shortcuts. They may do this in an attempt to earn your business. However, once construction begins, clients sometimes find that charging less results in a failure to deliver quality results. They may use cheaper materials that are not durable and can wear down quickly. The professional may also use less skilled sub-contractors, which can cause the project to take longer than necessary or mistakes to be made.

Interview the Builders

Instead of getting bids, opt for interviewing reputable builders in the local area who have good reviews and can provide references. Alair Homes Red Deer is confident in our product and customer service. We proudly provide prospective clients with access to our portfolio, references and detailed cost comparisons in an effort to earn your business. Look for someone who is a good fit rather than focusing exclusively on the price. The individual should be professional and friendly, which can make the process easier. Plan to spend a lot of time interacting with them in the coming months. They should answer any of your questions and have a precise method for keeping you informed throughout construction.

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Moving Forward with Your Team

Once you hire the design and construction professional, plan a walk-through of the property where you plan to build. Have a thorough discussion about your ideas and vision. Plan to share specific information with them about the features and upgrades that are important to you. This will help them to give you an accurate estimate. Then, the next step is to get started building.

Building a home should be a smooth and successful process. That is why choosing the right professionals is so important. Look further than price to find someone with the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. Review their portfolio, and discuss the advantages their company offers. If you have questions, Alair Homes Red Deer is happy to help. Contact us to schedule your complimentary discover meeting.