Every where you look you see signs of all the home builders in your market claiming to build “Custom Homes”, but what does this really mean? Is it that you have the opportunity to select one of their many pre drawn plans or makes different colour selections?


So often we hear about the frustrations of people looking to build their dream home but being told that they cannot have everything that they wish for. I am continually told about past builds that clients have had in which they were given a price per square foot to build. The raw costs of the job such as structure, drywall and siding costs are used up out of this allowance and in the end the clients are left with budget allowances. You can spend this much on flooring and this much on plumbing fixtures they say. The opportunity to completely customize your home is limited drastically by this kind of set budget. When the different selections you have chosen are deemed as upgrades, they can often be rejected or over priced exponentially to the real costs. So how is this custom?

Alair Homes: A True Custom Build

If you take the time to sit down with us you will see what the difference really is. From a plan that is drawn to your exact vision, to any possible material selection or colour, we don’t believe in setting limitations to the build or what is realistic to your dreams.


Our cost-plus completely transparent way of operating allows you to explore every option imaginable. Once you know the cost of your selections you are able to tailor them to whatever your budget is. This allows complete freedom and areas for you to give and take while construction is happening. Want to make a change at any time during the construction? We will help you to realize the exact cost of that option and show you if there are any changes to your budget. We want to help you to get exactly what you want, no exceptions!!!

Dustin Marsh, Alair Homes Red Deer Owner