Like most cities, Red Deer offers basic snow and ice programs to keep the streets clear. The city constantly monitors weather and road conditions to determine what must be done to keep the city safe and traffic flowing.

Salting and Sanding

Sanding during the winter prioritizes bridges, overpasses, and major routes. The city uses different techniques depending on the temperature. When warmer than -7 degrees Celsius, it uses a mixture that is 25% dry salt. Below this salt brine is used to make roads wet before sanding. Below -12 degrees Celsius, sand alone is used as salt becomes ineffective.

Plowing Snow Zones

Red Deer divides the city into 11 different Snow Zones. These zones, labelled A through K, are then divided into two different routes. Grey routes comprise residential streets, and green routes consist of higher-volume collector streets. The city publishes a map showing the different Snow Zones.

When Snow Clearing Begins

Residential plowing starts as soon as the snow pack reaches 10 centimeters, which occurs after around 30-40 centimeters of snowfall. If residents believe that plowing should have begun but has not, they can call the Snow Zone hotline by dialing 403-406-8796.

The city also clears sidewalks, trails, and transit stops. Sidewalks receive clearing within 3 days of a snow event, with downtown and emergency access sidewalks given priority. Trails get clearance when they reach a 5 centimeter snow pack, and transit stops get cleared within 10 days of snowfall. Residents are required to remove snow on city sidewalks next to their property within 48 hours of snowfall.

Parking on Routes

For larger green routes, the city places “No Parking” signs 12 hours in advance of the beginning of plowing. Neighborhoods receive signs placed at the entrances that state the date of plowing. In most zones, cars must be moved between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Downtown, however, happens from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Cars that owners do not move may be ticketed or towed.

Removing Residential Snow

After the snowplow finishes a residential route, it leaves windrows on the side of the street. Residents may remove this themselves, but cannot put the snow in the street or median. Contractors may be hired to remove the snow, but must apply for a Use of Streets permit to do so. These permits are free for registered businesses and only $50 for those who are not.

Snow storage facilities exist in two locations: in Edgar Industrial Park and south of Delburne Road. This is where the city brings the snow it removes. It sits there until it melts into a detention pond. Residents who remove required snow from sidewalks or windrows may bring snow to either location and dispose of it for a small fee.