Bring on the new ideas!!! It is so exciting to work with clients who throw new ideas on the table. Wanting to preserve existing materials into your complete transformation renovation, trying to find a place to show case a family heirloom, or looking to integrate an idea in your head into a one-off design?

Using dead spaces in the wall framing is the perfect place to highlight a treasured object. Creating a niche with some shelving and recessed lighting will add some elegance to your front entry of hallway. If you have your rooms well planned out while in construction, then this may open up the possibilities to recess some wall space to highlight art work as well.

Weatherbee Home Renovation
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I was recently challenged with an interesting situation in which a client had presented me with an order of tile for a front entry and a basic design. I had seen this front entry tile design in many houses and the home we were renovating was quite extravagant and unique. I knew there was more we could do, so I started playing around with the layout. There are so many alterations you can make to tile. Buying different sized pieces, custom cutting, or smashing tiles to create mosaics are just some ways. My suggestion for personal design is to make some colour and product selections and get them into your space. Ideas you can get off of Pinterest or Houzz are a great starting point, but use these as inspiration. Finding a talented tile setter to install your product is so important. Even the best design will not hide poorly placed tile. These professionals will also be able to show you some interesting layouts as well.

I am always excited when some one brings me a new idea. There are often times where ideas brought to the table are just not possible, but this is where the fun begins. Thinking out side the box or working with certain limitations is how inspiring new designs are born.