The city of Red Deer has a 24-hour online service that provides information about licenses and taxes to residents and business owners, monitors all permits and application status, and schedules inspections. You can plan your move to Red Deer and get settled better by getting to know our history and people. Red Deer is an ideal place to raise a family, offering all expected amenities, museums, libraries, good schools, well-equipped health centers, and hospitals. We also offer trails, walking and cycling pathways, an efficient road system, and a public transportation network. For transport to and from the city, several bus lines and an airport are available, guaranteeing ease of navigation.

Community Infrastructure

At Red Deer city, we encourage community associations and groups, which are great ways of getting to know your neighbors and community as a whole. This city is a well-policed area and boasts several emergency response units. Our hospitals are equipped to cope with long-term diseases such as cancer and mental health. Our health centers also offer old age nursing homes and disability or inability nursing. Alair Homes‘┬ácity is home to four museums and interpretive centers, three libraries open to the public, public and private schools offering a variety of programs including foreign languages, plus colleges offering a variety of options in courses offered.

We have a very fast-growing economy that has created a prime business location and provides exceptional employment opportunities. At our town center, we have offices and retail spaces available and suitable for any business venture imaginable.

Activities and Activity Guides

In March, August, and December, Red Deer delivers activity and program guides to every home in the Red Deer city. The activity and programs guide contain information on sports, arts, culture, clubs, aquatics, and well-being of families and community. This information includes locations, schedules and prices if any. The activities included are found at our relaxation centers. A community center filled with fun family activities such as a water park, arena, exercise and gymnasium. The community center also offers onsite baby care services, which allows the adults to have some alone time. An activity center that offers a water slide walking track, workout class and climbing the wall. An open to the public recreational center that has an arts and crafts space, whirlpool, sauna, fitness area, steam room, and both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

Parks and Trails

Red Deer city boasts beautiful parks featuring barbecues, fire pits, and picnic tables set in natural green spaces. All season sports fields that are home to various sports. Bower Ponds that feature a playground, an outdoor area designed exclusively for family pets, a horse and carriage ranch offering carriage rides in summer and sleigh rides in winter, a natural amphitheater with a covered stage and serenity garden.

Traffic Laws and Special Routes

When it comes to ensuring safer roads, the Engineering Services department has put in place traffic bylaws of the city of Red Deer. These traffic bylaws constitute set regulations and standards, which restrict special classes of vehicles to specific routes. All of regulations and norms are by the provincial regulations and standards established under the Traffic Safety Act, Vehicles operating within the boundaries of Red Deer city must acquire a permit from the Motor Transport Services and comply with the regulations specified in the traffic bylaws.