Potential clients frequently ask us for a quote per-square-foot. More often than not, they’ve done their due diligence in researching housing prices in the Red Deer area. We understand why you’d want to simplify housing costs, particularly in a market that doesn’t prioritize transparency and the accuracy of its quotes—but custom homes cannot, unfortunately, be approached in such a bare-bones way.

Production builders are able to quote by square foot because they are the housing industry’s equivalent of product manufacturers. They build on similar sites to the same plan repeatedly. Like car manufacturers, they offer a limited number of options within a single model. This means they can calculate the cost of each option precisely, leaving little to the imagination.

The Finishing Touches

When you choose a custom builder like Alair Homes Red Deer, you receive boundless scope for your build, alongside the freedom to make your housing dreams come true. No personalized property comes with a cookie cutter price, and that is as it should be. You wouldn’t want a house that’s identical to 50 others, so you shouldn’t accept a price that’s the same, either.

Your plumbing fixtures and interior fittings affect your price too, so a square footage quote won’t serve you. Even individual rooms come with their own unique price tags. A kitchen or bathroom, with its sophisticated requirements and high return on investment, will always cost more per square foot than your basic basement. Luxurious floor treatments carry their own unique price, too.


Transparency is a critical part of reducing the anxiety of your project. It’s only when you’re given access to every detail of your pricing and materials that you gain the power to adjust every part of your house to your needs. A proprietary system like Alair Homes’ Client Control software keeps you in the loop in every sense. Everything from daily scheduling to approval of your payments is made available to you online, so you can add nips and tucks to the project until it fits your pocket and your taste.

Professionalism in Person

Alair Homes Red Deer puts a great deal of focus on in-person discussions so that you can assess plans and photographs of similar housing. By aligning client expectations with accurate budgets, we make sure you receive the home you deserve at a price you’ll love. We wouldn’t want you to have anything less.