You have decided to build a custom home and are currently planning the kitchen. There are so many wonderful design ideas out there, but which ones are right for your project? The experts at Alair Homes Red Deer outline the most useful upgrades for your cooking space.

Fewer Cabinets

There is a definite trend away from upper cabinets. Many homeowners prefer a space that is clean, airy and uncluttered. If you choose this option, you will need to make the base cabinets work harder by having roll-out shelves and rubber matting for glassware storage.

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Cozy Couches

Soft seating is quickly replacing the island as a gathering place. You can place a small sofa or a pair of comfortable chairs in a nook near the cooking area. This will create the perfect place to kick off your shoes and relax while you are waiting for food, and your guests are sure to enjoy it as well.

Get Steamed

If you are trying to eat healthier, consider installing a steam convection oven. This method of cooking locks in moisture and nutrients. It also works very well for reheating foods and is capable of baking and roasting.

Add Induction

Induction cooking has been popular in Europe for many years and is finally making its in way into North America. The method utilizes electromagnetic energy generated between a special coil and magnetic cookware. It is a safe, economical way to prepare food and is an excellent addition to a custom home.

Get Smart

Every modern home has a smart kitchen. Smart ovens and ranges allow you to preheat from your car on the way home from work. Smart refrigerators can give you a peek inside when you are at the store and will even alert you when items are running low. Investing in smart technology will save you time and money over the long term.

Light It Up

Your base cabinets are deep to allow plenty of storage, but that means they are also dark, leaving some items unseen and unused. Installing lighting will help you find your way when you are looking for that special colander and will add a unique, warm ambiance as well.

Make It Touchy

If you are a frequent cook, adding a touch faucet will make your life easier. These faucets are operated by an elbow or a slight touch from the back of your hand. You will be able to multitask, which is essential when preparing a large meal.

Work It

If your cooking space is small, you may want to consider a working sink. This type of sink comes with fitted tools, such as cutting boards, drying racks and bowls. The sink can be as small as 36 inches or as wide as 80 inches, depending on the available space. With more people downsizing into smaller homes, working sinks have become quite popular.

Your custom home is a dream come true. Plan carefully and chose the kitchen trends that are useful and functional to you. Enlist the help of Alair Homes Red Deer to upgrade your kitchen today.