Family or entertainment rooms always seem to have a T.V. as their focal point. With so many options and sizes or styles, every room with a screen needs some well thought out planning.

Custom Home Theater Rooms


Having a specific theater room for movie watching is a nice feature to a custom home. With surround sound, projection screens, and stacked height couches, the personalizing options are endless. These rooms normally accommodate any style of television and whether it’s on an entertainment stand or wall mount, theater room T.V.’s are always viewed face on. Recessed televisions in a room like this are not common unless built in to a cabinetry unit.

When it comes to putting a T.V. in main living areas, my thoughts are much different. Often times in a custom home we see a feature wall in the main living space. This wall usually has either a T.V., fireplace, or both (fireplace with T.V. over it). This is a great opportunity to get creative with entertainment ideas. My advice is to really be sure of what your end goal is while planning out this wall. Sound is one thing that can be jeopardized by recessing. Today’s flat screens commonly have their speakers on the bottom of them rather than on the face, so sound quality can be destroyed without speakers. A surround sound system will completely eliminate this situation. If you’re not thinking of surround sound then please consider the use of a sound bar to help project the sound, and think about recessing this as well.

Mounting Your Television

If mounting your T.V. above a fireplace than please consider the heat produced. Electric fireplaces are great for this due to the lesser BTU’s produced. Plasma T.V.’s are not recommended in this situation at all. When mounting above a gas fireplace, a mantle is wise. While recessing will help protect your screen, the mantle will add both style and further protect.

As far as framing sizes go, plan around the T.V. you are going to buy. Consider the depth of what you will need with the mount you choose. You can always space the mount towards the room, but you can’t go backwards if you plan wrong so 2×6 recess is a good idea. For perimeter spacing don’t go to tight to your actual size. Consider the drywall or other finish material that will surround this area and the thickness this will take up. I typically allow a finish space of a full inch all the way around. Keep in mind that models, makes, and time will change the dimensions of your T.V. in the future. If needed or desired, you can always use finishing trim from your home to picture frame the screen. If you happen to plan wrong then you can always use this idea to hide or fix the spacing around it. Recessing is a great way to fancy up your sitting room.