It is important to create an industrial kitchen without overdoing it. You want to create a restaurant-style vibe in your kitchen, but you do not want your kitchen to feel uncomfortable to your family and guests. The following recipe is just what you need to create an industrial kitchen without eliminating your comfortable atmosphere.


There are three types of materials that make up an industrial-style kitchen, and those materials are metal, concrete and natural elements.

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Metal is the main ingredient of your industrial kitchen, and you can use both cool and warm metals to create this look. Use stainless steel to incorporate cool metal into your kitchen. You can start with stainless steel appliances and hardware, and then you can move on to stainless steel counters. Copper, bronze and brass are known as warm metals. You can incorporate them into your kitchen with simple additions such as brass drawer pulls, bronze cabinet knobs and copper bar stools. Use copper piping to create your own exposed metal piping, which is a key ingredient of the industrial look.

Concrete is another ingredient of your industrial-style kitchen. Embrace any exposed concrete in your kitchen, such as structural columns, walls or floors. A concrete counter with a waterfall edge is perfect for adding both style and function to your kitchen.

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You can also use natural elements such as wood and brick in your industrial kitchen. The key is to embrace the imperfections rather than driving yourself crazy to find the perfect piece. A wooden counter with grains or brick oven with faded hues is sure to fit the industrial theme. You can even use wooden pieces with contrasting undertones to add color to your metal or concrete decor. There is beauty in embracing the flaws of your natural pieces.

Skipping Upper Cabinets

Scratching upper cabinets off the list is a huge trend for industrial kitchens. It allows you to show off your concrete or brick walls. Use an open shelving unit to store your cookware and create more visual space. A metal open shelving unit is a great choice for an industrial-style kitchen.

Restaurant-Inspired Pieces

There are quick ways to create an industrial-style kitchen as you wait for counters, walls or floors to be installed. Start by installing a faucet with a high-arching neck and an exposed coil. It is functional but still adds a restaurant-style vibe to your kitchen.

You need a light fixture that provides ample lighting and adds style to your industrial kitchen. The light fixtures include modern track lights, plug-in sconces and pendants with exposed details. The exposed details are just what you need to create an industrial look.

The next step is to exchange your cabinet-based island for a table that fits your industrial kitchen. A dining table with mixed chairs or vintage cart is a great alternative to your kitchen island.

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