If you are planning to build your own home for the first time, you may be feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. This is likely to be the biggest project of your life, and you want to get it exactly right. The professionals at Alair Homes Red Deer recommend you bring the following five things when meeting with your custom home builder.

Your Budget

The first question a builder will ask is about how much you want to spend on your project. A budget is very important because it will have an effect on everything from beginning to end. Know exactly how much you can afford and have a plan written out prior to the first meeting. Be sure to include at least a five percent contingency for unexpected issues, such as construction delays or pest removal.

Your Plan

If you want an accurate estimate from your builder, you must have a plan. This includes the potential layout of the home and the exterior architecture that you desire. This information will help your builder decide if the project fits within the limits of your budget. It will also show where you need to compromise and possibly redo your plan.

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Your Preferences

It can be difficult to describe exactly what you want in your new home. Making a list of likes and dislikes about your current house can be very helpful to the custom home builder. They can take your list, compare it to your budget and incorporate their own ideas on how to make it work. Flexibility is the key.

Your Contact

Since there is a great deal of communication involved with building a luxury home, you may need to appoint someone you trust to be the main point of contact. If this is not you, the contact person should have full knowledge of the budget and the floorplan as well as your preferences regarding colors and finishes. Having a single go-to phone number makes your builder’s life much easier, and you will see results more quickly this way.

Your Paperwork

When meeting your builder for the first time, bring all the necessary paperwork to jumpstart the project. This includes county records, sketches, photos and any other material that is relevant to the new home. In addition, show proof that your home loan has been approved. This will let the builder know that you are serious about the new home and that your budget is ready and available from the start.

Hiring the right custom home builder is an important first step toward the house of your dreams. Being prepared and following the tips above will ensure the process goes smoothly, getting you closer to your goal.