The contractor that you hire for a project will be in complete control of each step of the process and the outcome of the project. From the construction to the design, there are several steps of the project that your contractor will work on. To ensure that you hire the right person for the job, there are a few questions to ask before hiring the professional for the job to know what you can expect.

Who Will Be on the Property Each Day?

You’ll need to know the subcontractors who will be working on the home each day to ensure that your home stays safe during the process. The answer will likely vary depending on the size of the project.

What’s Our Schedule?

Your contractor should follow a specific schedule when it comes to the times that they’ll be visiting your home to work on it. You’ll also need to have a timeframe on when certain parts of the project will be completed and when the contractor expects to finish.

Are There Any Parts of the Project That Concern You?

Discuss the worst-case scenario of a certain part of the project that concerns your contractor and how they expect to get through it.

How Can I Reach You After Hours?

Emergencies can occur with the work that is being performed on your home, making it important to know how you can reach your contractor when they may not be working.

How Will I Be Contacted if There’s a Decision I Need to Make?

Those who are in the middle of construction can expect to continue making decisions during the process. Ask your contractor if they’ll create a spreadsheet to stay organized and to inform you of certain deadlines.

How Will You Protect My Home?

Construction is known to be messy due to the dust and loose materials that accumulate. Ask your contractor how they plan to protect your furniture and the surrounding property from damage as they work in the space.

When Will You Need Me to Meet With You?

Communicate with the professional about when they expect to meet with you to review different parts of the project with Alair Homes┬áRed Deer that are under construction. You’ll be expected to perform a walk-through when the electrician is on the grounds and when the tile is scheduled to be installed.

How Will You Communicate with Me?

Each contractor is different on how they prefer to contact you, whether on the phone, via email, or with cloud-based schedules that are used. Know how you’ll be contacted to ensure that you can be readily available to stay updated on the project.

What Do You Plan to Do if There’s A Change Order?

Your contractor should be prepared to handle change orders by putting them in writing, which will need to be signed by both the contractor and the client.

What Documents Will I Receive?

Ask about the type of documents that you’ll receive with end-of-project paperwork, which may include marked-up plans and lien releases. This will allow you to have the information that you need to ensure that the project is completed successfully.