If you are among the many telecommuters in our area, having a quite spot in the house is necessary. The right work space ensures that you can remain focused, productive and organized. When designing a home office, functionality is key. Design is also important. The more you enjoy the space, the better your work environment will be. Alair Homes Red Deer frequently incorporates home offices into the custom homes we design and build. Here are a few of the trends our clients are currently requesting for this space.

Add Built-ins

Built-ins are useful for storing your books and decor items. They help keep everything organized and easy to access. The built-ins can include cupboards underneath for additional storage when you need a place for electronics, office supplies, and chargers. This feature looks modern when painted black and paired with walnut cabinets for a rich and stylish design. A mix of open bookshelves and cabinet doors will add extra visual appeal while also making it possible to conceal certain items that should be kept out of sight.

Build a Corner Desk

Corner desks are useful for creating a large worktop space where you can have everything within reach. They are great for smaller rooms where a more expansive desk might not fit. Adding a swivel chair makes it easy to move from one area of the desk quickly and comfortably.

Install a Pinboard

Pinboards provide a space for bulletin reminders, inspiring photos, and checklists to manage your workload. The pinboard makes it easy to save fabric or wallpaper swatches and also display pictures. You can easily change what is on display throughout the week and adjust what is on the pinboard according to what’s currently on your plate.

Float Your Desk

When building a custom home, request that your builder floats the desk in your home office to make it the focal point in the room. Floating desks can have outlets placed on the floor to make it easy to plug in your laptop or phone charger. They also offer visual appeal and a more expansive view of the door to the room from your desk.

Add a Comfy Area

When you need a break from sitting at your desk all day in the office, having a comfy area to relax or make a phone call helps you feel more at ease in the space. Consider creating a seating area near a window where there’s a view so you can enjoy looking outside while relaxing. Add a few pillows and a side table where you can place your drink or enjoy a snack.

Take Advantage of a Nook

If your home is smaller and you lack space for a dedicated office, an office nook is ideal. It provides a space to pay bills or finish homework. Nooks are popular in a custom kitchen or off the loft. You only need enough space for a small desk and chair and perhaps a filing cabinet. If your custom home contractor can add a window above the nook, it will give the space more light and visual interest.

Your Alair Homes Red Deer home should cater to your needs and lifestyle. Whether your work from home or simply need a space to pay bills, enhance the functionality of your home by adding an office. With the right features and design incorporated, you will have a place to work or manage your personal finances right in the comfort of home.