Smart homes and systems have been growing in popularity. In recent times, Alair Homes Peterborough has been upgrading to smart home systems during renovations. 51 percent of the houses that are undergoing renovation end up incorporating this technology.

The biggest reason for home upgrades is security. Interestingly, 36 percent of homeowners are currently installing security systems. These systems offer greater security against robberies and break-ins. In addition, homeowners are able to note gas leaks or fire outbreaks without having to be around their houses. If kids are left at home, you can be sure that nothing will happen to them without your knowledge.

26 percent of homeowners are upgrading their home systems for comfort and entertainment, making it the second most popular reason for the installation of smart systems. Those who upgrade their homes for entertainment purposes reported the highest level of satisfaction in their investments.

Another 18 percent of homeowners installed lighting systems to control the energy consumed in their properties. The system also helps to control lighting in different rooms in the house without humans having to physically intervene. 69 percent of the people in this group reported high levels of satisfaction with their upgrades.



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