Peterborough is sometimes complicated for new residents and visitors to navigate. To make this easier, the city has developed an extensive and easy to understand interactive mapping system.

Why Was the E-Map Developed

Peterborough’s e-Maps was developed to serve all visitors and residents of this great city. The map is accessible to all thanks to the Internet and includes handy guides such as park and recreational searches, address searches, points of interest, bus route information, property information and aerial photography. Users can access the e-Maps conveniently on the city’s website, and they need Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome, Firefox or Safari to view the maps.

How to Use E-Maps of Peterborough

Using Peterborough’s e-Map system is simple. Begin by visiting the web page for the City of Peterborough that is devoted to the interactive maps and click on Esri Community Maps to find the map viewer. In the search box to your left, type in the address or place of interest you would like to find. Points of interest include schools, public buildings, major buildings and parks. You then have the option to zoom in on a particular property, zoom out or pan by using the plus and minus buttons located to the left of your screen.

The system also offers a simple way to search by address, intersection or postal code. Simply enter in the appropriate information in the box to the left of your screen, type go and the system will do the rest.

Additional Tools

Once you have zoomed into a particular property, use the information (i) tool to get detailed information about zoning, garbage and recycle pickup days and mayoral information. This is particularly handy for new residents who may have purchased a home but are unsure about their school zone or other important information.

Measure is another handy tool offered by the e-Map. Using it, you can measure the approximate size of a property or the distance from one point to the next. While the information is not intended to be used to define legal boundaries on a property, it is a handy guide that might be especially useful as a starting place when there is a need to understand the size or shape of a particular property.

Creating a Desktop Link to Peterborough’s E-Map

If you’re using Chrome and find the Peterborough e-Map to be a particularly handy tool that you want to maintain easy access to, creating a desktop link is simple. First, make sure Chrome is installed. Next, navigate to Peterborough’s e-Map site. Finally, navigate down to “tools” and choose “create application shortcut”. Your link is now active, and you can easily access it through Chrome anytime you want to search the maps.

The Peterborough e-Maps are a handy tool for every resident and visitor of this great city to use. With regularly scheduled updates on a monthly basis and easy to search information, this tool helps everyone to get to know Peterborough a little better and find all the information they need to work, live and play here.