You’ve planned your project, found your general contractor and figured out your budget. Now, the time is nearing for your home renovation to start. While you wait in anticipation for your project manager to arrive, start preparing by clearing the space and thinking organization. You do not want your belongings to get lost or damaged in the chaos, nor do you want your belongings to get in the way of your workers. To avoid this, take the time to assess, declutter and organize your space. Use the following tips to prepare for your home renovation.

Determine Your Needs

If you are planning to change your layout, think about how you want to use your space. One example is creating a play room for your children. You may want to create a space with bright colors and kid-friendly storage. It is important to provide your general contractor with the information they need for this project. Your professional is going to use this information to create a space that best meets your needs.

Stay Organized

Your project is a great time to sort through the items in your cabinets and on your bookshelves. The items you do not use frequently can be packed up and stored in a closet or storage unit. The items you use frequently can be packed in clear storage boxes with labels. You want to move them to another room for easy access and so that they’re out of the way of your renovation.

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Clear Out The Clutter

The next step is to clear out the clutter in the room you are planning to renovate. Start by snapping several photos of the room to look over with a friend. Your friend can help you figure out what you need to do to bring your vision to life. When you are ready to declutter, get rid of anything that does not help you achieve your desired look. Items can be sold, given away, recycled or trashed. Do not be afraid to enlist in the help of a professional if you become overwhelmed.

Invest In Portable Storage

It is easier to pack and move your belongings when you invest in portable storage. One example is a bedroom remodel. The clothes and accessories you do not want to pack away can be placed in a drawer with wheels. You can also invest in a portable covered clothing rack for blouses and jackets. This way, you can access your clothing while keeping them safe from dust and debris. A bonus is that all your items will be easier to move back once the renovation is complete.

Consider Daily Routines

It is no secret that your routine is going to change during this project, but there are ways to stay close to your daily routine. Are you renovating your kitchen? You can create a small kitchen in another room using a table, microwave and toaster oven. Another idea is to stay at different location until the project is complete.

Gather Daily Necessities

You want to make sure you do not lose your necessities during your home project. This includes your tape measure, keys, phone, charger and paperwork. Set up a workstation to store your necessities in one convenient spot.

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