Choosing a reputable home contractor in the Peterborough area is one of the most vital first steps to take when preparing for the completion of a major project. Whether your project plans include renovating your current home or building a lovely custom home, you need to find a conscientious and diligent contracting team to manage all aspects of the project. At Alair Homes Peterborough, we are aware that some of our competitors have muddied the waters by providing their customers with bad experiences. These negative experiences have created a tarnished image of contracting firms in general, but not all firms are the same. Because of how important your contracting firm is the overall process and to the end result, you understandably want to research and interview multiple firms before deciding who to hire. After you walk through these essential vetting steps, you will see why we are your top choice.

Finding Reputable Contracting Firms

With multiple general contracting firms vying for your business in Peterborough, you need to find an effective way to make a short list of top options. A wonderful starting point is to seek recommendations from people who you know and trust in the area. This may be neighbors, friends or others who have worked with a contracting firm within the last few years. You can also spend time researching companies through Houzz, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and RenoMark.

Check Out a Few References

Before you take time to interview contracting firm reps in person, ask your top picks for a list of references. Verify that the references have recently worked with a firm, and have a list of thoughtful questions prepared to ask each person who you contact. You also should drive by any homes that have had exterior work completed. While time-consuming, contacting references is essential if you want to make a smart decision.

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Inquire About Project Management

The decision to hire a specific contracting firm should be based at least partially on the level of oversight that the company will provide. It is not enough for the company to simple contract the services of subcontractors. They also must actively be onsite to ensure that the subcontractors are doing quality work and are treating the project site respectfully. For each contractor firm that you reach out to, ask who will be managing your project and how frequently he will be visiting.

Ask to Tour Several Active Work Locations

There is one final step to take before deciding which Peterborough firm to hire. Request a tour of several active project locations, and ask the manager who you will be working with to walk you through these sites. Pay attention to the overall work conditions and quality of work. Also, use this opportunity to determine your rapport with the manager. Get any final questions answered at this time.

Hiring a home contractor in Peterborough is not a step to rush through. While you understandably are eager to get the ball rolling and to start seeing results on your project, focus your attention on your selection of a quality contracting firm. After you walk through each of these vetting steps, you will see why so many local residents choose Alair Homes Peterborough for their renovation and construction projects.