Habit and routine give shape and substance to our daily lives. As such, it’s important to root out bad habits that may detract from our quality of life. This is especially the case if those bad habits decrease the aesthetic appeal, orderliness, or functionality of the home setting. Below you will find 10 habits that might be messing up your home right now:

1. Your Cleaning Projects Are Half-Baked.

Some people start cleaning projects for the purpose of optimizing their home but then fail to complete the task. An example would be cleaning the tiles of the bathroom floor without doing anything about the tiles of the shower. Another example would be drying your clothes and leaving them in the dryer.

2. You Wear Shoes Inside.

This is a big no-no if you want to keep the carpet of your home as neat and tidy as possible. Those who wear shoes inside are almost always tracking all kinds of dirt and debris through the home. Leaving your shoes outside and having a pair of neat house shoes near the door is a great solution for this problem.

3. You’re Not Using HVAC Maintenance Services.

Using HVAC maintenance services is not optional. It is imperative. These services ensure that the air flowing through your home is clean and safe. Failing to have regular HVAC maintenance work done can leave you with numerous issues. An example would be a broken filter.

4. You Don’t Have A Storage Plan For Household Products.

Many homeowners use cleaning products and simply store them anywhere. If you don’t organize your cleaning products, they won’t all be available to you when you’re ready to clean your property. Get in the habit of storing cleaning products in one central location to solve this problem.

5. You Don’t Use Renovation Services.

Every now and again, it’s important to let home improvement experts make small or large changes to your property. Whether you need new carpet or want to convert your garage into an office, periodically updating your residential space will keep your life at home fresh and exciting. Companies like Alair Homes are pleased to offer clients a wide range of wonderful renovations, some of which include:

6. You’re A Pack Rat.

Whether you store things because they have a sentimental value or you simply loathe the idea of throwing something that might be useful away, the pack rat habit is one that you need to quit as quickly as possible. Being a pack rat can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your property by giving your home a cluttered look. Even if you store items in a basement or attic, they can still be taking up space unnecessarily.

7. You Sleep In Your Make-Up.

You may not relate the reality of sleeping in your make-up to messing up your home, but there is a correlation. This is it: when you sleep with cosmetics on your face, they can rub off on your pillowcase and comforter. In some case, the stains can be very difficult to remove.

8. You Don’t Clean Out Your Pantry.

Many people fail to regularly clean out their pantries. Don’t commit this error. Doing so can take up precious storage space. Also note that some food can start to go bad or get nibbled on by pesky rodents if you’re not regularly throwing out expired items, sweeping the floor, wiping the cabinets down, etc.

9. You Leave Food In The Sink.

This is a recipe for disaster. When you leave food in the sink, you can almost count on a pest invasion. With this reality in mind, make sure that you CAYG (clean as you go) when you prepare and/or consume food in the kitchen.

10. You Allow Pets On The Couch.

While you may love your cat or dog, it’s important to establish boundaries regarding where the pet can rest within the home. Allowing pets on the couch can cause hair and mud to transfer onto your upholstery.

If you want to love coming home, you should focus on eliminating bad habits that detract from your residential property’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Refer to the information and advice found above to whip your property into tip top shape right now!