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A dirty bathroom isn’t a pleasant sight. While most people recognize this and want to keep their bathroom sparkling clean, many struggle with developing and sticking to a routine that actually works. Our busy schedules sometimes make it difficult to devote a couple of hours to bathroom cleaning, especially when it often seems the bathroom is dirty once again only a few short hours after it’s been cleaned.

While many people might chalk it up to bad luck and give up after this happening a couple of times, there is still hope. More often than not, a change in behavior might be all you need.

Here are some simple habits which will make a world of difference in helping you keep your bathroom cleaner, longer.

Brushing Teeth

A lot of people brush their teeth while facing the mirror. However, this has the unfortunate side effect of sending tiny toothpaste bubbles onto the mirror. Try brushing your teeth with your face down, as that will save you plenty of time scrubbing those horrible mirror stains away in the future.

Renovated Master Bathroom

Coat Shower Walls and Doors with a Water Repellent

Water is terrific at cleaning things, but it’s also equally as good at depositing soap scum, minerals and more on your walls and doors. After you’ve invested a lot of time to finding the perfect wall colors and interior design elements for your space, it’s frustrating to see them looking spotty and dirty every day. Save yourself a lot of time and effort by coating your shower walls and doors with a water repellent. If you have a frameless shower, the manufacturer can coat the glass during the manufacturing process, making it easier to clean. Ask about this if you’re renovating the bathroom or adding a deluxe shower to the master bath in your custom built home.

Hands Free Soap Dispenser

Bar soaps leave the soap dish looking grimy as soap scum builds up over time. Get rid of the soap dish and try using liquid soap or a hands-free soap dispenser instead. Small disposable containers are readily available, or for the environmentally-conscious client, purchase a reusable container and refill it with soap as needed.

Flush Every Time

While this might seem like a no-brainer, plenty of people do not flush the toilet every time they use it. While this does conserve water, it also leads to a lot of smelly build-up as well as stains in the toilet, meaning you’ll spend more time brushing when you clean.

Makeup Application

Whether you’re a person who uses makeup excessively or just applies a dab here and there, make sure you wipe all of your counters as well as the sink after applying makeup. A stack of wet wipes or a microfiber towel and a spray bottle nearby will get the job done quickly.

While these tips won’t eliminate the need to clean your bathroom, they can help keep it clean and sparkling for a longer period of time between cleans. Work to implement them into your daily routine and see how much easier cleaning can be.