Turfgrass is one of the essential components of an easily maintained lawn in New Westminster. This is thanks to the many benefits it offers such as an increase in property value and the prevention of water and wind erosion. Other advantages include flood control, organic chemical breakdown, and cooling the sun’s scotching heat. Consider the noise reduction an added bonus. All these are attributes that any custom built home owner would want, right? Keep reading to find out why turfgrass is a must-have.

Soil Improvement

The periodic shedding of leaves, stems and grass roots is part of grass annual growth cycle. This goes a long way in adding essential amounts of organic matter into the soil down the line. Thanks to the organic material found in turfgrass, the soil structure improves. As a result, you get a thick and healthier lawn.

Soil Erosion Prevention

When it comes to effective ground covers, turfgrass is a top contender. This is exactly what you need in steep areas to avoid extremely compacted or overly saturated soil. Soil erosion can wreak havoc on your homes curb appeal. If this is something you would rather avoid, turfgrass is something you need to seriously consider.

Improved Water Quality

You will be glad to know that turfgrass can play a key role in the improvement of water quality as well. With an elaborate root network, turfgrass is able to trap and eradicate contaminants as water percolates through the soil to the groundwater below. Polluted groundwater can reach drinking water and cause serious health risks. What is more, having a turfgrass lawn for your custom built home means that runoff water slows down, preventing it from carrying loose soil particles and sediment. Choosing turfgrass for your custom home can help to lessen nutrient pollution in water making its way back to us.

Air Cooling

Shrubs, trees and lawns are key drivers of temperature reduction through shade provision as well as by evapotranspiration- a process where water evaporates from plants. This can help in curbing air conditioning expenditures as temperatures can drop by up to 14 degrees. There are even estimates suggesting that lawns plus other landscape plants can help bring down air conditioning energy requirements by a whopping 25% in the US.

Turfgrass offers a cooler surface or summer recreation rather than its concrete and asphalt counterparts. Apart from the cooling effect, lawns can be cushions that reduce the chances of sustaining bruises among other injuries. For this reason, turfgrass is a popular choice for families with young ones who like playing in the yard.

Air Quality

It is obvious that breathing quality air helps prevent respiratory problems but did you know installing turfgrass helps with this? By filtering out dust among other airborne pollutants, having turfgrass in your custom built home is a sure fire way of improving air quality. Now that grass covers the entire soil surface, there is no chance of soil particles getting blown to other areas.

It is estimated that a 25 square feet well-maintained lawn can supply enough oxygen to keep an adult breathing for an entire day. Lawns and other green plants reduce the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide, and at the same time give back oxygen through a process known as photosynthesis. The decomposing of clippings is yet another way that helps reduce carbon, an infamous cause of global warming.

Final Word

exterior of custom multi-story brick house with turfgrass lawn

Planning to build a custom built home? You can never go wrong with making turfgrass a priority. Talking to professionals such as Alair Homes will ensure that you get it right the first time!