A closet is one of the most important and most-used spaces in the house. Unfortunately, it is often disorganized, messy and poorly designed. With a few closet design and storage solutions, your closet can be better especially now that home renovation is on your mind. Have a look at these practical home improvement solutions.

Start With A Purge

Whether you own an expansive closet that fits all season clothes, or a small closet stuffed to the brim, it is the high time that you reconsider, reorganize and purge your closet. This move will help you get rid of items that you no longer use to create space and reduce unnecessary clutter. If you are not sure what to keep and what to eliminate, you can consider a second opinion from a trusted friend. Once you are sure of what you need, separate all items by category for a more natural organization.

Keep Categories Together

When you stuff by category, selecting what to wear will be easy as a duck takes to water. For small closets, the trick is to store seasonal clothes together. Sorting through heavy clothing during summer is hectic and annoying. Unless you travel regularly, there’s no need to let offseason clothes overload your closet. Store them in travel bags and suitcases.


closet with built in shelves and organizing units

Built-ins make closet storage ideas more fuss-free. You can hire a closet specialist to utilize every available space from ceiling to the floor. Design options are endless; choose what will be appropriate depending on the type and amount of items you have. You can try open shelving, drawers or glass cabinets. The built-in designs will add versatility and style to your closet solutions.

Add Storage Baskets

Use storage baskets to store jewelry, pajamas, workout clothes, shoes and anything else you would think of.  Baskets provide additional storage space without necessarily overloading your closet. They come in different designs and colors. Choose something unique with a color that complements other items in the room.

Use Deep Drawers

Take advantage of deep drawers to minimize the amount of furniture in your bedroom. There will be enough uncluttered and open space to relax and rest. Adding drawers in your closet will also enable you to keep everyday-use items close.

Include a Flat Catchall Surface

Things like wallets, rings, and keys are amongst the first things you take off at the end of the day. They are also things that you must have with you in the morning. Why not house them in a flat catchall surface inside your closet – you will locate them quickly in the morning.

Bi-fold Solution

Is your room too small for open swing doors? Replace the old doors with solid-wood or solid-core bifolds with heavy-duty fittings. Sliders block the view thus not the best option. Avoid lightweight doors that are easy traps for wrong fittings. Lightweight doors tend to wobble and fall off easily.

Anchor Closet Space

Use a hutch to divide things in the closet from casual to business by placing the hutch in the middle of the closet. It will be easier to pick whatever you need when in a rush.

Utilize Wall Space

You can hang your belts, scarves, and other hanging accessories on the wall rather than taking up precious rod space. This trick gives a more personalized display of your clothes. This also ensures smaller, hanging accessories are not lost amongst your clothes.

Fix Your Closet Rod Higher

This idea comes in handy most when you want to create more space in a small closet. When you push the bar higher, more items can be stored in the closet. Squeeze a shoe rack or dresser below your hung-up clothes.