I recently moved into my new home before the New Year. Like most new homeowners, I quickly discovered that the previous owners didn’t always share my design tastes and preferences.

I wanted to make my new home my own. So, I started quickly, making small changes. I updated and renovated the bathrooms and splashed a little paint on the walls in various rooms to create some cohesion. Before I knew it, my space was filled with my things – my furniture, my artwork and plenty of personal effects.

In my house, like in yours, that’s where it all starts. And like you, once I started renovating my spaces and adding those personal touches, I really began to realize what I loved most about my home. It’s not just the building in its entirety but certain spaces, certain architectural details and sometimes, those small finishing touches that really make a house a home.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Home?

A few of my favorite things about my home include my kitchen and living room. It’s not really the rooms themselves though but the way they come together and create visual interest. They’re separated down the middle but with nice tall vaulted ceilings in both, it joins the two spaces in a unique way and helps to give the open concept spaces that little something special.

It’s the typical rancher layout with an open concept, which extends out to the backyard deck. It’s perfect for cooking salmon on the barbeque with friends and family or to just enjoy a quiet night in while the snowflakes fall just off the deck outside.

What is Your Favorite Room in Your Home?

My favorite room would have to be the living room. It’s the first home I’ve had where I can enjoy the warm glow and comfortable ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace, a fireplace that backs into my kitchen giving it double the impact inside these four walls.  The living room is open with a bay window and a comfy sitting area to enjoy the cold nights around the fireplace with cocoa in hand.

The newly decorated wood mantel and the freshly painted brick really draw the eyes in as the rooms focal point. The front living room exterior wall is the only wall in the house to have wood paneling, which was in great shape when we moved in. So, with a little touch-up and some crown molding to finish it off, including trimming out the bay window, this part of the house was quickly given new life and transformed to give it added visual interest and warmth.

This old rancher now feels like home, and with all the future plans we have, it’s nice to just take a minute and enjoy the living room. With a glass of wine, a lit fire and my plans in hand, I smile proudly as I lay out the scope of this little old rancher’s future. She’ll see many renovations to come, but the future looks bright, and I’m excited about the prospects.

Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or you’re ready to give your old house a little more attention, I’d be glad to help you bring your dreams to life with the same attention I’m giving my own home. Call Alair Homes, and let’s start talking about your path toward finding more enjoyment and more favorite spaces in your home.