Perhaps renovating your home has been on your mind for a while and now you’re ready to take action. The question is, “Where to start?” If you’re having trouble finding the best answer, don’t worry. After all, a renovation is often a challenging, multi-step process that’s also daunting. But, like anything, it all starts with the first step.

Here are some ideas for how to get your home renovation off the ground:

1. Start with issues

Be clear from the start about what’s motivating you to do the project in the first place. Make an outline of your specific issues, whether they involve lighting, storage, space, and more. Another important consideration is the life stage of each of your household’s members and how those stages will change in the future.

2. Seek advice

With all the professional help and advice available today, there’s no reason to hold up your project by trying to figure out everything yourself. Seek expert advice – such as from the professional at Alair Homes Maple Ridge – when you get stuck because it will save you time and money.

3. Be methodical

If your entire house needs a face-lift but without major work involved, it’s best to take a systematic approach. Think about each room and what’s needed (including materials). Experts suggest that the best place to start is the hall.

4. Maximize space

If a lack of space is an issue, first take a look at the rooms you have and whether you’re maximizing their space. You may have an unused room that could be put to work in a different way, or has dividing walls that can be removed to help create a new room.

5. Establish your budget

It’s crucial to come up with a final figure on how much you want to spend on your home renovation. Research how much projects cost and then, to be safe, add 10 to 20 percent on to your findings.

6. Transform a problem room

A ‘problem’ room is typically one that’s avoided or shunned for whatever reason. If your home has one of those, there are plenty of steps you can take to turn it into a room that gets full use. List the reasons why it’s a problem room (whether it’s cold, or dark and gloomy, etc.) and then explore possible solutions. Even simple, inexpensive modifications will transform a room.

7. Manage storage

Your house’s storage may seem seriously lacking at first glance. However, you can create more storage without tearing out walls by doing simple, fundamental things such as adding cabinet shelves or rearranging existing drawers. Every potential storage area, including closets, should be evaluated regarding whether you’re making the most of their available space.

8. Improve lighting

It’s amazing how boosting natural light can transform a room. Installing large windows will increase the light levels in any room, as will a light-filled extension or light tubes. Be aware, however, that a light-filled extension might reduce light in other existing spaces.

9. Stay focused

Home renovation work can take time and be a tiring process. Resolve to stay focused until the very end – when you’ll truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.