Well-designed homework spaces are crucial for your kids to be able to focus well and work efficiently. Being able to design the ideal home, right down to details like these, is one of the advantages of a custom home. Here are a few suggestions for designing homework spaces that will inspire years of learning.

Showcase Their Interests…

Whether the homework space is part of their room or a separate area, this is a personal space where your child will be spending plenty of time, so make it a place that showcases what’s important to them. Choose a theme to decorate with, whether it’s a favorite color or one of their interests, such as sports or animals.

…While Allowing Room to Grow

Ideally, this homework space will see many years of projects, essays, and studying, so make it a place that can change with your child. For example, neutral colors on walls and shelving offer a canvas that can be decorated differently as many times as needed. Bulletin boards will provide space to hang artwork during the younger years, photos and reminders in later years.

Establish Clean Lines with Built-Ins

Built-in shelving has long been a sign of quality, style, and functionality. Recently, the floating desk has also become a popular look, where the desktop is supported by the wall, leaving the underside free of messy-looking drawers or legs. Built-ins like these are one of the advantages of a custom home, so be sure to speak to your builder if you’d like to design homework spaces with built-in features like these.

Maximize the Space with Loft Beds

Square footage is at a premium in modern custom homes, but you can make the most of your child’s space with a loft bed. Turn the space underneath the bed into a cozy study area by bringing in a student desk, comfortable chair, and bookshelf. If you can’t find a commercial loft bed that will suit your needs, a custom one can be built on site, with everything from built-in bookshelves to stairs.

Create a Cozy Nook

Cozy nook, ideal for working or studying in peace.
Photo by Alair Homes Maple Ridge – Working nook


There’s no better way to handle an awkward space in your custom home than to turn it into a cozy homework corner. A nonuniform shape to a bedroom may make for a natural separation between homework spaces and the rest of the room. Likewise, a nook in another part of the house, away from toys and games, could provide a distraction-free space to study.

Customize with Cork Boards

A cork board is a feature that can both foster creativity and boost functionality. This space can be used for whatever your child wants, whether a display of artwork and photographs, or a place to pin notes and reminders where they won’t be forgotten. A magnetic dry erase board will provide the same functionality, but with the added ability to doodle or jot down notes on the fly.

Craft a Comfort Zone

Above all, it’s important that any homework space achieve just the right balance between comfortable and functional. Being able to relax a little will make it a place your child will want to be, but plenty of functionality will improve focus. Consider a comfortable but upright chair for working at the desk, focused task lighting, and enough comfortable touches to make the space feel welcoming.

One of the advantages of a custom home is ensuring that every room in the house meets your needs. At Alair Homes, that’s our goal when working with every client. By designing every room to fit your family, we help you to love your new home more. And, by including an appealing study space, you can make even homework seem like less of a chore.