Alair Homes

Some of the elements that go into a custom built home give you an opportunity to put together outstanding design with full functionality. Combining the staircase with the front entry gives you a chance to create a striking and expressive front entryway.

Why the Entry Is So Important

People form opinions about homes quickly. It starts at the curb and follows to the front door and the foyer. If yours is visually pleasing, your visitors will have a good impression of your home. If it’s visually chaotic or small, people will carry that impression throughout your home because initial impressions carry a lot of weight.

How Functional Should the Space Be?

As you design the custom built home, consider how your family will use the foyer space. Will it be used as a primary entrance or less frequently? If you anticipate using it often, do you need a powder room or would a full bathroom be more convenient? Assess whether you need a full coat closet or just one large enough for your guests. You may also need a wall long enough for a table to put backpacks, purses and the mail down as you remove your outerwear.

Things to Keep in Mind

As you and your design team plan the spaces in your custom built home, consider these qualities as you go to work on the relationship between the stairs and the entryway.

  • The sight line. Being able to see into the house and beyond gives you a strong sight line. It’s important to give a clear line of sight from the foyer to give a sense of space and light. Entryways that don’t have a clear sight line feel claustrophobic.

    Putting the staircase in the entryway alleviates some of the closeness, especially if it visually leads to another part of your home or there’s a window in the line of sight.

  • The style. Before you finalize the plans for the staircase and foyer, be sure that they’re compatible with the rest of the home. You can design stairways to match all kinds of home styles, from formal to casual and rustic to mainstream.

    As the work progresses, choose the materials and hardware for the staircase to match the rest of your home. The handrails, spindles, newels, treads and risers are available in many styles. If you can’t find one you like, you can also have them custom-made based on your preferences.

Bottom Line

Combining the foyer and staircase in your Alair Homes custom built home gives you an opportunity to add significant visual impact the moment someone opens the front door. Increasing its functionality guarantees that you’ll not only enjoy the space, but that it will also work well for you, your family and guests.