Beauty has been an obsession of people since, well forever. It is a difficult thing to define and understand yet somehow we all recognize it. Poets with far better language skills have tried to define it, movies have been made about it and am sure you have your idea of what it is. What I do know some of the work we do is considered beautiful. I watch the faces of people seeing the pictures of what we have done. Or even better the responses of our clients when we are done our work. They experience the emotion of beholding beauty. That is a driving factor of why our whole team is in this business; The pursuit of beauty.

To me, beauty is best manifested with an interaction of form and function. The home has many functions, that may be why the rooms that serve the biggest functions get the most attention. Kitchens and bathrooms . . . maybe I am reaching, but maybe not. But people do have a feel for what is beautiful in a home and what is not. That is what we do at Alair Homes; turn your empty lot or existing house into a beautiful home that has your ideal balance of aesthetic form and comfortable function.

Alair has taken this whole concept of beauty a step further. Sure, we strive for the end product that stops people in their tracks at our home shows or makes them spend more time on our website or Houzz page, but we are obsessed with making our renovations and customs builds a beautiful thing from beginning to end. We make the process beautiful. We can’t show you that in a picture; I can only tell you that is what adds to our clients’ experience. Alair Home’s brings you a beautiful end result not diminished by a less than beautiful experience.