This was a challenging project for very discerning clients. The home was originally owned by the client’s father, and she inherited it when he passed. Care was taken to preserve the history in the home while upgrading it for the current owners. This home exceeds current energy codes, and all mechanical and electrical systems have been completely replaced. The clients remained in the home for the duration of the reno, so it was completed in two phases. Phase 1 involved gutting the basement, removing all asbestos containing materials (flooring, plaster), and replacing all mechanical and electrical systems, new spray foam insulation, and complete new finishing.

The clients lived upstairs while we did the basement, and in the basement while we did the main floor. They left on a vacation while we did the asbestos work.

Phase 2 involved a rock retaining wall on the rear of the property that required a lengthy approval process including municipal, fisheries, First Nations, and environmental authorities. The home had a new rear covered deck, garage, new roofline, all new interior and exterior finishing, new mechanical and electrical systems, new insulation and drywall. Phase 2 also involved an extensive asbestos abatement to remove Asbestos-containing materials in the flooring, plaster, insulation, and mastics.

Photography by Carsten Arnold Photography.

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