Luminous Luxe Kitchen and Tranquil Bathroom

Bathed in the soft glow of natural light streaming through expansive windows, this custom-built kitchen is a symphony of modern elegance and timeless charm. The spacious layout is designed to inspire culinary creativity while offering a sanctuary for gathering and connection.

At the heart of the room stands a commanding island that anchors the space with its striking presence. With sleek quartz countertops, it serves as both a functional and stylish workspace, inviting guests to gather around and partake in the culinary delights unfolding before them.

Crisp, white cabinetry lines the walls, offering storage solutions that are as practical as they are attractive, with a minimalist and contemporary flair.

Every detail of this custom kitchen has been meticulously considered, from the sleek stainless steel appliances to the dark wood floors. Whether basking in the morning light over a leisurely breakfast or preparing a gourmet feast for loved ones, this open-concept space is designed to elevate the art of cooking and nourish the soul in equal measure.

Functionality seamlessly meets style to create the perfect space for serving a family. The layout has been reimagined to optimize flow and efficiency, making meal preparation and serving a breeze. Ample counter space and storage solutions ensure that everything has its place, minimizing clutter and maximizing convenience.

But functionality doesn’t mean sacrificing style. The kitchen is a vision of modern elegance, with sleek countertops, contemporary fixtures, and luxurious finishes that elevate the space to new heights of sophistication.

Whether it’s a casual breakfast or a festive family dinner, this stylish kitchen is designed to impress.

The upgraded Ensuite has a curbless walk in shower and free standing bathtub, updated slate tile and modern vanity with accent lighting.

Square Feet: 1,200 S/F
Time to complete: 6 Months
Architect: In-house
Market Partners: Infinite design
Photographer: Erin Coholan

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