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Your smartphone can build you a home. Well, not literally, but there are apps that can help in the construction and planning process. Having such powerful technology in your hands is a big plus. Let us take a closer look at apps you need while building your dream home.

I.D. Wood

As the name suggests, I.D. Wood helps you identify various wood types the market offers today. This is a great app that offers images to help you make side-by-side comparisons as you plan your new home. With more than 150 different woods, you will have no problem pinpointing the best option.


Houzz is an excellent app while planning your new home as well as revamping your current one. Most people define Houzz as the ultimate custom home decorating resource. This app boasts of a plethora of interior design ideas touching on hardware, furniture, finishes, decorating, plus many more. With the seemingly infinite pictures, you’ll get many ideas on how to go about your room decor.

Mark On Call

If drawing a floor plan seems an impossible task, this app makes it a breeze. Mark On Call allows you to arrange and rearrange items using photos and measurements of your fabrics and furniture. If the result isn’t what you had in mind, starting over is a snap. Your room comes to life thanks to features that allow you to add furniture, lay down flooring, and choose diverse fabrics and colors.


PadCad hands you the power to make your own blueprints. Visualizing, creating and preserving floor plan ideas isn’t too much to ask with this app. From saving files to including measurements, PadCad will deliver on what it says it will do. It might not fit the shoes of a full-scale Computer Aided Design (CAD) or an architect, but the app comes in handy as you contemplate on layout and design options.

Quicken Loan Mortgage Calculator

A home is a big investment and it is prudent to be on top of things when it comes to finances. Truth be told, we are living in lean times and saving every dime is essential. As a potential homeowner, together with builders and agents that you will be working with, this app ensures that you get financial calculations involved in purchasing a lot and custom home building right.

Adobe Color Capture

Adobe color capture seizes color combinations any time inspiration strikes. Picture yourself appreciating the captivating colors of natural scenes using your camera. Now imagine transferring the remarkable color scheme to a room of your choice. Adobe Color Capture makes all this possible.

Six incredible resources, all available at the tips of your fingers. Not a bad deal, right? Download these apps today and enjoy every step of your custom home building process.