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Pre-planning for everyday items and future upgrades are often overlooked, yet they are a very important part of your pre build preparations. Addressing these areas before the foundation is even laid is essential to getting exactly what you’ve envisioned for your home.

Pre-build planning for current needs and future desires will also prevent costly repairs and pricey alterations down the road. Knowing what you want in your home,now and in the future, is a vital component of the pre plan process which is frequently missed.

The most common thing people tend to overlook during their home build is a pre-plan for ‘backing’. ‘Backing’ is extra timber strategically placed behind the drywall, creating a solid base for anchoring items to the wall or ceiling. If there are no studs in the area where you wish to affix your towel bar or drapery hardware, the drywall will not hold them up for long. Poorly anchored objects are unstable and could possibly become hazardous. Therefore, the best time to install the ‘backing’ is during the framing stage of construction, which needs to be arranged ahead of time.

You will vastly improve your home building experience through pre-build planning. Simply pencil into your house plans where you may require ‘backing, extra wiring, future upgrades, or anything else that requires special attention. Your contractor can help you with this.

valuable tip to consider

Here are a few everyday items you may want to preplan for:

  • Towel Bars
  • Television Mount
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Heavy Artwork/Paintings
  • Closet Rods/Shelving
  • Access Panels (for example: behind faucets of the bathtub)Once construction has started, arrange for a walk through to get a feel for where things will go. Adjust your plans if necessary. Keep in mind that adding things later can be very costly.

    You can also determine, during this walkthrough,where you may want things in the future. At a minimal cost you can have items ‘roughed in during your current home build.

    There is a lot of value in pre-planning for future upgrades. Even a Custom HomeBuilder, who is constructing a home on speculation, considers preparation for future upgrades as added value.

    Below are just a few popular items you might consider in your pre plan for future upgrades:

  • Pre-wire for sound
  • Hot Tub wiring
  • Conduit for Entertainment
  • Equipment Gas bib for BBQ
  • Circuit set aside for outdoor lighting (walks and patios)
  • Rough in’ for additional bathroom
  • Dedicated circuit for exercise equipment
  • Extra space in electrical panel
  • Pre-wire for security systems
  • Future Air Condition and/or Central Vacv
  • Pre-Wire for shop equipment in garage or basement
  • Consider everything you want now and in the future. Make a list and bring it to your pre plan meeting with your Custom Home Builder. This simple conversation can save you a ton of money, time, and future headaches. It also gives you the opportunity to collaboratively plan for every item that you want.It is important to always communicate with your home builder and contractor about your ongoing project and never shy away from expressing what you want – no matter how insignificant it might seem. Your builder will be able to help guide you in the direction which will best suite your needs, thus giving you the ability to economically improve your home and position you for a more seamless transition during future upgrades.

    Pre-planning for everyday items and future upgrades allows you to make improvements at your own pace and contributes to the best home build experience possible.