Creating a Dream Homework Space in Your Custom Home

Homework is an integral part of school life. When your children come home, they need a safe place where they can do their homework without distractions. It is very easy to create a dream homework space in your custom home. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.

Place the Homework Space in a Visible Place

Most children need help completing homework assignments. Whether they have a question or are stumbling to find the right answer, it helps to have a parent close by. Create space somewhere in the living room, dining area, or another visible space in your home. If your custom kitchen has space and is close to where you can see what they are doing, you can place it there. Many custom homes are also built with a loft space. Adding built-ins and a custom desk is a great way to transform that space into the ideal homework area.

Create a Homework Chart

A handy homework chart is a great addition to your child’s space. Place the homework chart at their workstation, where it is visible. A fun way to accomplish this is by painting a wall with chalkboard paint so that you can add notes, a calendar and other important information directly to the wall. When your child comes home from school, have them write down what homework they have and when it is due. Ensure they update the homework chart often.

Have Enough Supplies

Small things easily distract kids. When your child is at his or her workstation and does not have supplies close at hand, they will waste a lot of time up and down trying to fetch them. This ends up distracting them from their homework. Ensure you always stock their area well. Adding built in bookshelves, convenient cubbies and even a filing cabinet is a great way to do this while keeping extra supplies well organized.

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Avoid Clutter

A homework space cluttered with books and stationery is unattractive, and it makes it easier for paperwork and homework assignments to get lost in the clutter. Ensure that your child tidies up after his or her homework. You can have shelves or storage cabinets where books, paper and notebooks can be stored. Reserve some space in a slightly hidden spot for a trash can and recycle container too in order to better control any mess.

Provide Space for Each Kid

If you have more than one child, it’s important to provide each with their own space in your custom home. This doesn’t have to be separate rooms. One long table with a dedicated section for each child serves this purpose well. Simply keep the furniture the same so the space feels cohesive. You can allow them to add a personal touch to their spaces using their photos, names, or other display items. This ensures that homework time is a quiet time and peaceful time.

Provide Comfort

It is important for your kids to be comfortable in their homework space. You can make this possible by placing a pillow for their back, or a throw blanket to cover themselves when it is cold. The most important thing is proper lighting. A window close by or a desk lamp can provide the light. That way, they can read easily without straining.

With a dream homework space, your child might even do homework with no persuasion, which is every parent’s dream. Use the above tips and design a beautiful and comfortable space for your children. For more great ideas for your custom home, contact Alair Homes Burnaby.