Properly done DIY home renovating projects can be satisfying and save you a lot of money. The key phrase is “properly done,” for a botched DIY project can lead to expensive repairs and even be dangerous. Given that, you need to ask yourself some questions before starting a DIY home renovation project:

• Do you have the necessary skills?

• Do you have access to the needed tools and equipment, e.g., can you rent any needed gear?

• How much time will the project take?

• How potentially dangerous is the project?

• Would you have to follow any building codes?

With that in mind, here are ten home renovation projects that you should generally leave to the professionals:

Structural Components

The term “structural components” describes the foundation, walls, and parts thereof. Knocking out a wall to expand a room may sound simple, but that wall could contain wiring or be a load-bearing wall. It is important to consult an engineer who will examine your home and draw up specifications detailing what can and cannot be done.


If you aren’t an electrician, leave wiring to the professionals. Poorly done wiring creates a safety hazard. In addition, wiring jobs require the ability to determine how that job will affect the rest of the circuit and panel.


Roofing is an example of a project where time constraints matter. Before starting a roofing project, be very certain that you can finish it before bad weather sets in and damages your home. Professional roofers can do the job quicker than you can.


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Even seemingly straightforward jobs like replacing a faucet require the right tools and know-how. Such jobs may also take longer than expected. In addition, a plumbing job gone wrong can result in water everywhere.


Installing insulation may sound easy, but it’s actually messy work that is unforgiving of mistakes. Leaving gaps creates spots that draw both moisture and heat into the house. In addition, you would need to check for other problems like a termite or mold infestation currently hidden by the old insulation. Professionals also get their insulation at much lower rates than you would, so hiring an industry expert might just save you versus doing the job yourself.


Carpentry is another field where you have to consider the amount of time a project probably requires and the amount of time that you can devote to it. If you can spend only an hour or so at a time on a project that takes days, you would probably be better off hiring professional carpenters.


Projects involving stone, concrete, and/or brick generally require a professional’s expertise. It takes years to learn how to move heavy stones or bricks into position and have the results look good. Since many masonry projects involve structural components, safety is also an issue.


Applying wallpaper is an unforgiving task with no room for error. Picking out gorgeous wallpaper doesn’t do you or your home much good if your DIY project ends with bad corners and mismatched seams. Since that lovely wallpaper is supposed to attract attention to your wall, you want it to look perfect.


Installing tile is another persnickety job that needs to be done just so to get the desired results. You don’t want to get halfway through and then discover you’ve made a horrible mistake somewhere. In addition, different tiles require different preparations if you want the job to last.


Painting can require a lot of preparation up to and including repairing a wall. You may also need to scrape off old paint, which can be dangerous if it’s lead paint. In such cases, you may want professional help.

Do-it-yourself projects should always be carefully considered before work begins. For larger home renovations, it is almost always best to consult with a professional. Alair Homes Burnaby renovates kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces in your home, and we provide a quality assurance guarantee to protect the finished product. Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation.