The cleaning process is a home chore most people rarely find fun. With spring in full bloom, a thorough cleaning of appliances, furniture, carpet, rugs, cabinets, and more are a priority. Luckily, these helpful hints from Alair Homes will turn the most challenging spring cleaning chores into stress-free tasks.


In no particular order, dusting is the easiest task offering surprising results. Dust the home decor showing the most dust. Bookshelves are one of them. Dust the shelves, books, book spine, bookshelf gaps, knickknacks, and the top of the bookshelf. Afterward, dust the coffee table and bedside table. Remove table items to another location while dusting. Dust the table items before placing them back on the table. Use the duster to remove cobwebs from the porch, walls, windows, light fixtures, and door frames.


Put the duster away and turn on the washing machine. Turn on the ‘clean’ cycle or the hottest wash cycle plus the added rinse cycle to clean the washing machine’s interior. Clean the dirtiest windows. The likely culprits are in noticeable areas where guests gather such as living rooms, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Wipe down the exterior of refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and stainless steel items with baking soda and a sponge for hard to scrub grime. Use soap and water for easier cleaning. Be careful cleaning around touchpads, buttons, and knobs. Afterward, clean shower doors with lemon oil and watch water slide off.


Switch gears and clean the screens on televisions, clocks, phones, tablets, and other electronics using sanitizing wipes. Continue spring cleaning chores by focusing energy on cleaning remote controls. Grab more sanitizing wipes and thoroughly clean TV, DVD, cable, and video game remote controls. Then, sanitize the garbage disposal by dropping a lemon wedge, salt, and ice cubes into it.

Deep Clean

Kitchen and bathroom items require a deep clean due to constant traffic. Drop baking soda in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. While that sits in the drain, scrub the bathroom sink, bathroom faucet, kitchen sink, and kitchen faucet with soap and warm water to remove buildup and dirt. Clean the sink with hot water. Save energy to clean the microwave and oven. Turn off the appliances and add soap to the oven and microwave. Let it soak until it loosens. As the microwave and oven grime soak in soap, return to the bathroom and soak the showerhead in a bag filled with vinegar or soap/water. Meanwhile, clean the microwave and oven. Last, remove the bag from the shower head and turn on the water. Additionally, add an oven liner to the oven after drying to reduce messes in the future.

Alair Homes wants the cleaning process to be as effortless as making a mess. Make cleaning more effortless by cleaning one room a day. By breaking down home cleaning into manageable chunks, it becomes less overwhelming. In closing, sanitize and deodorize the home with ease with Alair’s productive hints.