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Meet The Alair Homes Belleville Team

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Alair Homes serves the great communities in and around Belleville by providing high-quality custom-built homes and historically appealing yet modern renovations. Our company takes pride in all our projects; from multi-million dollar estates to budget-friendly starter homes in this beautiful area, all with the same level of care, workmanship and top-notch customer service. Stu Hopewell heads up the Alair Homes team in Belleville. A hands-on approach to providing the very best service and transparency in the building industry are two major factors for Alair’s success in Belleville and across North America.

Brendan Troy

Brendan Troy


Moving to Belleville roughly 7 years ago, Brendan has been in the construction industry for more than 13 years. Working with a door and hardware supply company, Brendan quickly saw the excitement of carpentry while completing his deliveries. Making a change he took an opportunity to work with one of the contractors and got on the tools. With little previous experience, he took up the trade quickly and found immense pride in his work. Finding his stride, he continued in finish carpentry and moved from Calgary, back to Ontario to the GTA.

While back home in Ontario, he worked for a larger construction business as a finish carpenter and a site super. A short stint in the GTA made way to a family move to Belleville where he now resides north of town in the country with his wife and two kids. Once in Belleville, he gained a great deal of experience while working for 2 local general contractors, building and renovating new homes. Eventually, he would make his way into business ownership running his own smaller construction company before joining the Alair family.

Brendan has a strong work ethic that translates into relationship management and sales. He enjoys working with great local trades, finding the best clients and growing the best team possible. He believes in supporting and investing into his team, bringing the best work possible to his clients and the local community.

When not on the clock, Brendan is often spending time with his wife and two kids on their few acres north of town. He enjoys being a goof with his kids and having as much fun as possible. When acting his age, he is often out and about with his camera, looking for local wildlife and scenery, and enjoying photography at any time of the day or year. In the evenings, he cheers for the best hockey organization in existence, the Ottawa Senators.
Peter Burley

Peter Burley

Operations Manager

The veteran of the office, Peter, or Pete, is a friendly face and is always good for a laugh. Peter is a born and raised Bellevillian and has seen the growth of this strong community along the north shore of the Bay of Quinte. Hopping on trains to join his dad at work, Pete knows the commute to Toronto incredibly well, either by train or by car.

Establishing himself in the concrete industry, Peter worked for 2 of the largest concrete companies in North America and quickly grew within his field. Branching out from Belleville, Peter managed many large projects within the GTA. Becoming a leader on-site and in the office, Peter managed both project and people, allowing his knowledge of construction sites and construction businesses to expand. After making the decision to stay in Belleville he began running the operations in the local plant.

After an impressive career, Peter was looking for a change and was welcomed by the Alair team. Helping run job sites and the office, Peter is a Pete of all Trades and interacts with our team, our trades and our clients. We are incredibly lucky to have him aboard.

While most people look for time off in the summer, Pete’s Belleville roots run a little too strong for this. Peter’s favourite place is to be is on the back of a snowmobile. Taking as much time as possible in the winter to enjoy the snow, Pete sleds through the Bancroft area every year. He’s also a strong family man, spending loads of time with his wife, kids and his grandkids. He even has a dog named Bruin, which should give you all the information you need on his hockey affiliations.
Bailey Chaput-Stratton

Bailey Chaput-Stratton

Project Manager

With sawdust in her blood, Bailey has grown up around construction. From Pembroke, ON, her grandfather and father both had their own general carpentry businesses. Growing up in that environment meant that she was able to swing a hammer and push a broom from an early age. Seeing their handiwork across town in residential and commercial homes gave her a sense of pride that eventually translated into her adult life.

Bailey attained an advanced diploma in Architectural Technology from Loyalist College and then quickly wrote her Ontario Building Code exam and acquired her BCIN certificate. This translated into a position with a production home builder where she helped clients draft their new home plans. Similar to the sense of pride her grandfather and father has while driving through areas of Pembroke, Bailey now has that same feeling driving through a subdivision in Picton where she designed the majority of the homes and helped every homeowner.

As Bailey grew in her career, so too did her want to create a better client experience and foster stronger relationships. A switch to Alair allowed this to happen where Bailey can excel in the entire construction process from planning, straight through to the completion of construction.
When Bailey isn’t pouring over new drawings or organizing a schedule, she can be found at home with her husband and their plethora of animals. Enjoying their cats, dog, even a tortoise, she can be found at home playing video games, puzzling or watching the Leafs game.
Simon Gutierrez-Cadavid

Simon Gutierrez-Cadavid

Project Manager

Growing up in Florida, Simon was lucky to have a successful father in the construction industry. Running a general contracting business, Simon was quick to visit sites and manage his father's time. After a big move north of the border, his family settled in Belleville, ON. From here, Simon drove towards an eventual career in residential construction.

After graduating and achieving his iron ring in Civil Engineering from Lakehead University, Simon worked in various positions utilizing his schooling. Using AutoCAD and too much math, he worked in the environmental sector, on provincial and regional highways and worked as a surveyor. Moving back to the Belleville area he worked with a large civil service business, monitoring, repairing and designing local sanitation networks. Working on weekends with contractors and masons, he quickly fell in love with residential construction and pulled from his past with his father. Once he partnered with Alair, he quickly found his stride. Simon enjoys learning about construction technology, staying up-to-date on new building methods, while also maintaining strong relationships within the local construction industry. Eager to learn about his clients and their lifestyle, Simon pairs relationships and construction management beautifully.

Outside the world of construction, Simon can be found at home with his wife and two kids, or being a part of many other local groups. He enjoys supporting his wife in her business, as well as spending time with his extended family and helping local community organizations. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand the value of hockey, so he cheers on his favourite football team, the Cowboys.

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