At Alair Homes, all of our clients have their own dedicated project manager whose sole responsibility it is to manage their project. The project manager organizes, schedules, represents the client, troubleshoots, and ensures the clients’ vision is brought to life.

But, what exactly are the benefits of having a dedicated Project Manager (PM)? Here are just a few:


When our clients hire us, they gain access to our expertise in project management, our extensive knowledge, and experience within the construction industry, our team of seasoned and reliable professional tradesmen and the well-known and respected name of Alair Homes. Each one of our project managers has undergone training in a variety of different areas which could include:

We are not new at this; we are experts in custom home building and quality renovations in your community and are well versed with the building laws, permit processes, and local resources necessary to keep your project running smoothly.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas


With any project involving something you care about like your home, there are bound to be a lot of questions, moments of stress or concern and decisions to be made.  Having a professional project manager allows you to have one point of contact to get all of your information. Instead of talking to the painter, then meeting with the electrician and then calling the plumber to tell them what the electrician said, the project manager manages all of that for you. The PM represents you and will coordinate and speak to all of the trades involved, gather information, report back to you, and relay your wishes and decisions to the appropriate people. Having one person to direct all of your questions to will save you time, money and eliminate any confusion between team members.

If anything difficult comes up, it’s also nice to have someone advocating on your behalf and representing your best interests

Trusted Advisor

Having someone that you can speak to, trust when asking for advice and seek guidance from throughout your project is reassuring. Your project manager will be there for you from the first meeting through project completion and beyond. If we don’t have the answers you need, we will ask one of our trusted industry peers for you.  You are not in this alone.


A large-scale project has hundreds of moving pieces – to-do items, budgets, invoices, quotes, timelines, trades, clean-up, sign-offs, and the list goes on. Can you imagine managing all of this on your own, PLUS your regular day-to-day jobs PLUS the upheaval of a renovation in your space?

Here’s the good news:

A skilled project manager takes care of all of the details so you don’t have to take on that stress and time.  They will manage all of the scheduling, payments, communication, cleaners and anything else that might come up. They have you covered and trust us, you won’t regret your decision to have someone help you!

Do you have a large-scale renovation or custom home you are planning?  Are you looking for a trusted ally to help manage your project?

Contact us or give us a call at 416-526-7710 to arrange a complimentary meeting so we can hear all about what you are planning.