Remodeling a home is nothing less than a daunting experience; however, with the right contractors not only will the remodeling process become more enjoyable, but also the aftercare of your new additions. One such company that offers transparency throughout the remodeling process and care of the remodeled features is Alair Homes West Toronto. Few companies will provide the aftercare instructions that many an owner will neglect. The neglect of other contractors to offer such service often creates a never-ending cycle of unnecessary replacement floors, appliances, etc. As with all new updates, there are special steps that one must take to ensure the care of the remodel.

Natural Materials

After a remodel, it is important to take care of any natural material. Marble counters, benches, new tubs may fall prey to stains if not properly sealed. If the contractor does not provide instruction on how to properly care for these products, seek the correct professionals that will explain the sealing process. Water stains and chemical stains are common on this type of surface that will ruin the natural material.


Another issue homeowners fall into is caring for filters and purification systems. In order to maintain the integrity of water and/or air quality filters must be changed frequently. Owners must consult with contractors to identify locations or businesses that offer services to change filters.

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Plumbing nightmares have become a too common problem. Although the contractor that has seen through the remodel should follow through with providing the owner with useful information on care, this is not always the case. Homeowners should stay informed on how to prevent build-up. This means cleaning fixtures thoroughly as recommended by the contractor.

Wood Floors

Wood floors, an already expensive update, can be an expensive replacement if not properly cared for. Two of the most common enemies of wood floors are pets and furniture. Felt pads can always be added to furniture to prevent scratching when moving chairs, couches, tables, etc. Keeping pets well-groomed by keeping nails well-trimmed will also prevent scratches. Finally, adding things such as mats and carpets will prevent mud and rocks from scratching, or tracking any mud or chemicals that may create an adverse reaction to the wood.

Caring for remodeled areas in the home will prevent the owner from making unnecessary expenses. Also ensuring that all waranties have been documented and implemented will allow the owner to replace any item that is damage through no fault of their own.