The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a custom home design. There are currently many trends available for kitchens, and it is important to consider if any of those approaches will make the kitchen functional. The professionals at Alair Homes West Toronto offer the following features to consider when designing your kitchen.

Lose the Upper Cabinets

One of the most popular trends is fewer upper cabinets. People still have items to store, but they prefer a more open and less-cluttered look. Base cabinets have to incorporate clever storage solutions, such as rollout shelves.

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Consider a Seating Area

While islands have traditionally served as a gathering place in the kitchen, comfortable seating areas are taking over. This can be a small sofa or set of chairs in a nook next to the kitchen.

Install a Steam Convection Oven

With more people moving toward healthy eating, steam convection ovens have become very popular. Cooking with steam prevents foods from drying out during the cooking process and helps them retain nutrients. Steam convection ovens can also roast and bake, although they are not a replacement for a microwave.

Get an Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops have been widely used in Europe for years and are now catching on in North America. These cooktops have a glass surface over metal coils that generate an electromagnetic current when magnetic cookware is placed on top of them. It is a safe and very fast way to cook.

Add Smart Technology

A custom home is often a connected one, especially in the kitchen. Smart ovens and ranges can be controlled with an app, making cooking a breeze. Smart refrigerators can send text alerts when items are running low. Smart tech adds value and saves time.

Get Servo-Drive Cabinets

Servo-drive cabinets allow people to open them with a remote control or by a light touch. While they are mostly found in modern designs, they can also work in more traditional kitchens.

Light Up the Cabinets

Base and pantry cabinets are deep spaces, which means they contain dark corners. Adding in-cabinet lighting makes it easier to see and find the contents, and it adds a nice ambient touch as well.

Go with Touch Faucets

Originally designed as a more sanitary option in public restrooms, touch faucets are also incredibly useful in the kitchen. A slight tap from the back of a hand or an elbow will turn the faucet off and on, which is very convenient for cooks.

Try Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel finishes are the latest trend in appliances. Along with the sleek, modern look, they are also resistant to dirt and finger prints. The only drawback is if the surface gets scratched, which will happen at some point in a kitchen, the silver color underneath will show through.

Add a Working Sink

Smaller kitchens may benefit from a working sink. These sinks can also be used as workstations with fitted accessories like racks, colanders and cutting boards. Working sinks are space saving and efficient.