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One of the benefits of building a custom home is being able to structure the spaces in it to suit your children’s needs and preferences. This includes their homework space. Everyone learns differently ,and if you’re able to set aside space where they can learn socially and separately, you can accommodate the learning styles of each child as they grow and change.

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Major Decisions

Discuss whether you want to put the study space in each child’s bedroom or allocate a separate room. There are advantages to both, and it’s possible to do both. Each bedroom can have its own study area that lends itself to focus and concentration. The group study area could house all the accoutrements that make learning easier, like white boards, computer peripherals and televisions.

Dedicated Spaces

One of the advantages of including a dedicated study room is the ability to adapt the room to the children as they grow. What they need as third graders will be vastly different from what they need in seventh grade. When you have most of the learning tools they need in one room, you’ll only need to replace it once for all your children versus replacing it for each child.


Decide whether you want custom furniture and built-ins or if you’d rather buy furniture and bookcases that you can easily move around. While built-ins often enhance the appearance of a room, they can be limiting when used in a child’s setting. As kids grow, their sizes and needs change. It’s difficult to tear out built-ins even in a custom home. First, they have to be removed from the wall, and then, the wall will need repair once the furniture is out.

Be sure you’ve left room for computer gear the kids will need like printers and scanners. Leave room on the wall for a TV. There’s plenty of streaming educational video for kids to watch that’s entertaining for the whole family, as well.

The Details

As you put together the specifications for your custom home, consider these features for the bedrooms and study area:

  • Plenty of lighting. Even though ceiling lights aren’t common in bedrooms, it’s a good idea to include an overhead light. You may want to have the builder block it for a ceiling fan.
  • Lots of electrical outlets. Kids have lots of devices so you may want to exceed the building code requirements. The code specifies outlets can’t be more than 12 feet apart. You may want to drop the distance to ten or fewer feet so that you won’t need to use power strips or run the risk of tripping over cords. The extra outlets will come in handy for the devices and peripherals kids use, along with toys and battery chargers.
  • Places for hanging a whiteboard and a television. Just as it’s good to have a writing and drawing space on a wall in the study room, it’s also useful to put one in each child’s room where they can scribble or work out homework problems.

Bottom Line

While no one knows your kids as well as you do, the members of your design team are experts on custom home design and building. By collaborating with Alair Homes West Toronto on the spaces in your custom built home, you’ll discover new ways to enhance your life. Contact us to discuss your project and get started toward bringing your ideas to life.