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Open concept homes are very popular in West Toronto. If you are like many homeowners, you imagine your home with less walls, open spaces and flowing rooms. However, this also means you have less wall space for photographs, artwork and furniture. This is why more clients are now considering broken floor plans. This option includes more walls and separation from room to room. It is important to make sure a broken plan is right for you before committing to the design.

Life In A Broken Floor Plan Home

If you enjoy leaving the kitchen and turning the corner to the living room, then you are sure to enjoy living in a broken floor plan home. There are several ways to create a balance between an open plan and separated rooms. You can use tricks such as half walls or multiple levels to give each room its own atmosphere, and you are still creating ample light and air flow throughout your home. The best part is you can escape to another room without feeling disconnected from your family.

Broken Floor Plan Works For Your Home Office

A broken floor plan allows you to separate your home office without feeling isolated from the household. Use ideas such as open shelves or internal windows to separate your home office from your living space. One idea is to place your home office on a level that is only separated by a few steps. You have a space to take care of important work projects, but you do not have to feel far away from your family.

Use Levels To Divide Your Space

If you are looking for another way to create your broken floor plan, use multiple levels to divide your space. You can enter the dining area by climbing three steps from the living room, or you can go down three steps to your home office. Use tricks such as wider openings, various wall colors or different flooring options to create a different atmosphere in each room.

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Planning Your Broken Floor Plan Home

When designing your broken floor plan, it is important to think about how you want to use your home. If your spacious living room is overwhelming, use a two-sided fireplace or bookshelves to divide your space. Use the smaller space to create a cozy spot for reading, watching television or napping. Maybe you are looking to create more space in your home. One idea is to replace the wall between your living room and home office with a wider entrance. Work with your Alair Homes West Toronto general contractor to come up with the right ideas, ones that fit your lifestyle.

Open concept homes are still popular, but it is important to understand that other options exist too. A broken plan might be just what you need to keep your rooms connected and separated at the same time. You can focus on the atmosphere in one room without feeling cut off from the rest of your home and decorate all of your rooms in different ways, using your own unique style.