You are ready to take the plunge and have decided to build a custom home or remodel your existing one. You’ve also done your homework and have thoroughly researched and interviewed contractors before you selected who will be doing your project. Now, its time to get started on your home’s design plan.

But, how should you prepare and what should you bring to this meeting with your custom home builder? Below are five must haves for this important discussion:

1. How much money you have to spend

Everything that you and builders like Alair Homes West Toronto do is based upon your budget. Set a realistic spending and design plan that suits your lifestyle and finances. For example, if the kitchen is the most important room in your home, you’ll probably want to spend more there than anywhere else. Bedrooms not so important? Consider scaling back any work that you want done there and putting that money into rooms that are.

2. Examples

Your custom home builder can’t read your mind, so don’t worry about offending them by bringing along photographs and videos of back splashes, paints, tiles, wallpapers, cabinetry and flooring that you like. If you want a particular French Door package, show them. Love a sliding barn door, shiplap or reclaimed wood? Let him now.

And while its important to share what you like, be sure to let your builder know what isn’t working in your current home so those same missteps aren’t taken in your custom build or redesign. For example, if you have a formal dining room that you don’t use, you probably won’t want one in your new home.

3. Names

If you already have an established relationship with a supplier, let your custom home builder know who these people are so he can use them on your project. It might even save you some money. If you don’t, ask your builder who he would recommend so you can consider purchasing materials from them.

4. Paperwork

 It’s no fun dragging file folders that contain sketches, photos, county records and other important financial information with you, but this is a necessity when you meet with your builder for the first time. This shows him a couple of things — that you are serious about the project and have the financial ability to see it through.

5. A point of contact

This is the individual who the builder can get in touch with at any point during the project when a question arises at any point during the project and an answer is needed in a short time period.

In addition to all the above items, your builder at Alair Homes West Toronto will want to know everything you know about your current property, so be prepared to answer some questions about both the location, condition and size of your home. This will help the custom home builder know what you like and dislike about your current home. Having this knowledge will help when creating your new dream home.