Building a custom home means getting the chance to create your dream kitchen from top to bottom. From the lighting to the hardware that is installed on the cabinets, you’ll be in complete control of designing a space that you can get plenty of use out of in the coming years. When designing your kitchen, there are a few trends of 2018 to consider incorporating when you want inspiration for your future property.

Farmhouse Designs

If you’ve spent time watching house flipping shows on television, you’re likely familiar with farmhouse designs, which are known to be incredibly cozy and rustic. The farmhouse style has gained popularity in 2018 because of the added character that it offers to residential properties. Embracing shiplap that can be used on the walls of the kitchen or reclaimed wood frames on the walls will make it possible to execute the style and allow the room to look professionally designed.

Quartz Countertops

You’ll want the countertops to look stunning and beautiful, which is one of the first features that your guests will notice when they walk in the room. Quartz countertops are an ideal choice because they’re more affordable than other materials but have a high-end design that looks similar to marble and other stones. They are hard-wearing, which offers peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about the surfaces getting stained or scuffed up throughout the year.

A variety of color shades and styles are available with quartz, making it easy to customize the setting to ensure that the space is balanced and that all of the materials work well with one another.

Appliance Columns

One of the secrets to making your interior setting appear seamless when the home is in the construction process is to add appliance columns to frame the products that are installed. Appliance columns will make the space flow well and can be built to have the refrigerator or dishwasher fit perfectly without any gaps present.

Task Lighting

Functional lighting is essential for any new home because it can be installed in different areas of the space for plenty of layers that create dimension. Adding recessed lighting above the cabinets will also add an even wash that makes the room appear larger and more spacious.

Adding plenty of lights will make it easy to get more use out of the room as you chop vegetables or clean the dishes.

Recessed lighting is also a consideration but can be problematic for those who don’t have a ceiling cavity that is built. Instead, stick to using track lighting to incorporate beautiful light that is functional and highlights specific areas of the room.

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Wood Floors

Wood floors are more durable than tiles and will last longer over the years. Install wood boards that are authentic or engineered wood boards to enhance the appeal of the room and allow it to look modern. The floors should match other rooms of the home that are frequently used.