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Whether you are building a custom home or doing a renovation in your current house, at some point you will need help. Even if you are reasonably skilled, there are still the factors of scale, aesthetics and cost to consider. The building team at Alair Homes West Toronto details 10 potential problem areas of a project below.


A house is only as stable as its headers, footers and beams, which is why plans should be created and approved by an engineer. Let a professional execute any structural changes in your home to avoid costly and dangerous problems.


Skill is important with wiring, but so is safety. Just getting something to work is not enough. If you are uncertain of your skills, hire an electrician.

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A typical roofing project should be completed in 48 hours or less to avoid interior damage to the home. If you do not think you can work within that time frame, you should call in an expert.


Common plumbing tasks such as changing out a faucet or clearing a drain clog do not always require outside help. However, if the job is more extensive or you do not have the tools for the job, it’s easy to waste time and money. Call a pro.


Spray-foam insulation should always be done by an expert. Even if your renovation project calls for standard fiberglass insulation, you should not do this job yourself. Poor installation can lead to heat and moisture problems.


A skilled carpenter will have the correct tools and work more efficiently than you can, saving both time and money. The result will likely be better as well.


Masonry is not only an aesthetic feature, it often has an important structural aspect to it. Getting stones to fit just right is a skill that takes many years to learn. To keep your custom home both beautiful and safe, get a mason to build that fireplace.


While it is a beautiful design feature, wallpaper is something you have only one shot at getting right. Hire a professional hanger to do the job and avoid crooked seams and torn corners.


Much like wallpaper, tile is something that must done right the first time. You should know exactly what types of tile to use, how to prep the area, how to pace the work and what you want the result to be. If you are not sure how to approach the task, ask for help.


This is one job you probably think you can do alone. While that may be true, painting requires more than color selection and brush choices. The walls may need to be scraped and primed or may require repair work. If it seems overwhelming, call in a professional painter for assistance.

Your custom home is a dream come true. Ensure that all work goes the way it should by asking for help when you need it. Alair Homes West Toronto project managers make this task easy. Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation.