Family Takes Part in the Demolition During Their Major Renovation

Have some fun! Take a look at the video of Mom & kids taking the hammer and making the first inaugural swing to begin the demolition work on this major home renovation. Walls are coming down, support beams are going in, and a whole lot of work that includes: new water piping, new main level in-law suite, re-wiring the lower level of the home, new flooring and paint, 2 new kitchens and 4 new baths, moving windows, converting a garage space to living area, changing garage door to wall – you get the picture.

So many times a major remodel is a stressful time, but when you add a little fun like you see here, it gets the project off to a good start.

TIP: Should you replace Poly B water lines in your house?

Like so many other houses built between 1978 and 1995, poly B water piping was a common pipe (no longer used) and has been the source of many leaks and complaints. Most plumbers and municipalities prefer to have it replaced when doing a major renovation. Not a bad idea for 20 year old piping anyway. See more information about Polybutylene Piping (Poly-B).

The cost for replacing polyB in most houses averages $2,000 to $3,500 for the plumbing. Then you must also factor in the drywall repairs and painting, cleaning and demolition. It makes sense to replace all the polyB piping if you’re already doing a major remodel, but it can be costly all on its own.