Making changes and upgrades to the kitchen are some of the most useful home improvements since the kitchen is the most functional room in most homes. Kitchens provide everything needed for meal preparation and are often the central point for family socialization. Introducing the color blue into the kitchen can add a bit of splash, along with color that creates calm.

According to color psychologists, blue is the color of peace and serenity and given the right hue, can inspire creativity. In a room as fraught with activity as the kitchen and a place where the family gathers, both elements are important to have.

Blue on the Cabinets

Since the cabinets comprise a great deal of the surface area of the kitchen, it’s logical to use blue on or as part of the cabinets. All blue cabinets might be overdoing it, depending on the kitchen, but a splash here and there might be good. If your home improvements included a desk, why not accent the area with blue cabinets or with blue hardware? Since kids often stress over homework, a blue desk area might induce calm and relaxation.

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Blue on the Floor

You can find blue vinyl and ceramic tile flooring appropriate for a kitchen, either as solid colors or as part of the overall design. If you want to test how blue will work in your kitchen, use the blue accents as rugs to minimize any doubts you have about using the color in such a busy area before choosing it as the new flooring material.

As the Ceiling

Nothing has a better return on home improvements than paint. It’s an inexpensive material and in many cases, easy to apply. Sky blue as a ceiling color makes the room in which it’s located look taller naturally. Since we’re conditioned to have the color of blue above us, getting used to it is a fast adjustment. If you give it a try and it’s not for you, repaint it with classic white.

On the Counters

Like cabinets, installing all-blue counters might be overwhelming if blue isn’t your favorite color, but it can look good as a backsplash or as an accent color on variegated counters. Many people who make home improvements to the kitchen are using granite or stone counters and blue is available in those materials as a dominant or incidental color. Blue is also available in Corian and tile countertop materials, as well.

Bottom Line

The kitchen is one of the most important places for home improvements since it’s the most used room in most homes. Using blue for its calming qualities and as a pleasing color can make the results of your project more livable and enjoyable.