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If you have a basement, you have a great space to play with all of those design ideas you’ve read about. You can be bold and contemporary or conservative and country. This space does not have to match the rest of the house because it’s isolated. Here are some ideas that you might want to try with this blank canvas.

Go Bold

The basement is the perfect place to try that bright color or funky wallpaper. Maybe some bright color will entice people to come down and enjoy your work. Even if you are pretty tame throughout the house, the basement is a great place to experiment with color.

Scenic Wall

Some basements don’t have windows, which allows for experimentation with the walls. Create a focal point with one wall by adding floating shelves and creative photographs or artwork.

Formal Entertaining Space

Basements don’t have to be just a game room. Decorate it with an elegant flair like your dining room. This will allow for parties to expand downstairs without anyone complaining.

Vancouver - Delta 57th Basement Suite
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Adding a Kitchenette

You can make the basement self-sufficient with a small kitchenette. Kids can stay downstairs and make their own snacks.

Storage with Style

A basement is a great place to expand your kitchen storage. Canned vegetables and specialty appliances can be stored downstairs to help relieve clutter in the main kitchen. You will want to look for storage that is beyond standard shelving units. You might want to repurpose old furniture for that unique vintage look.

Add Banquette Dining Area

If you are using this space to expand your kitchen, you might want to add a place to eat the food. Cute banquettes are a great way to entertain family and friends.

Media Room

Lacking windows, a basement is a natural place for a media room. A large screen and projector can turn your underground room into a theater to please everyone. Watch the Sunday football game or latest action movie in the comfort of your home. You want to make sure you add comfy seating.

Rustic Enhancement

A basement is a great room to go a bit more rustic than you would in the rest of the house. Rustic doesn’t have to mean barn-like or country. It can be very contemporary and industrial. Either way, wood will add warmth and a feeling of comfort to any room.

Vancouver - Delta 57th Basement Suite
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Walkout Option

If you have the pleasure of living on a hill or mountainside, a walkout basement might be want you are looking for. Although more expensive than just a finished out basement, walkouts allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors from the basement.

Kid Room

Another very popular conversion for a basement is turning it into a kids’ room. Whether a craft room or game room, this is a great space to hide all of the clutter that come from having kids. Their toys and crafts are neatly tucked away underneath the main living area. This allows for a clutter free living space upstairs and lots of play downstairs.

The basement is a great space to any house. At Alair Homes, we can help you turn your basement into any type of living space you need. Whether you want additional dining space or a game room, Alair Homes can make your dreams come to life.