When you’re planning on building a custom home, many different features need to be selected to make it functional and enjoyable. The appliances are items that serve multiple purposes. Both functional and decorative, they make your life easier while enhancing the appearance of your kitchen and impacting property value. If you are ready to select the right refrigerator or washing machine, there are a few facts to consider.


When choosing the appliances for your Alair Homes Tri-Cities custom built home, stainless steel continues to be a top choice. It is considered to be a status symbol. Stainless steel looks regal due to its shimmery yet sleek appearance. Although many different models have stainless steel, the exterior can look different due to the nickel content. Black stainless steel is also increasing in popularity for those who want a unique look that is masculine and rich.

The most effective way to choose the right products is to work with your interior designer or general contractor to ensure that everything blends in well with the decor and looks uniform. Each product should have a similar style and appearance.

Ease of Use

One of the top priorities involves selecting appliances that are easy to use and offer a high level of convenience. Some of the most popular styles of refrigerators are models that include a bottom-mount freezer. Many bottom-mount freezers now have two doors that open from side to side, which makes it easier to keep the contents organized instead of stacking everything in the drawers.


The warranty is an additional factor that helps you make a smart investment decision. A good warranty prevents you from feeling the impact of expensive repairs if the ice maker breaks or the washing machine leaks. View your warranty as insurance. While you may pay a little more up front for a higher end appliance that includes an exceptional warranty, it is a smart long term investment.

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The Home’s Marketability

Different types of appliances influence how well the home sells. While resale likely is not on your mind now, planning for it improves the vale and appeal of your home. From the dishwasher to the refrigerator, the items should blend in well with the rest of the house. For instance, adding vintage kitchen appliances seldom makes sense if your entire home is modern and chic. It is often overwhelming researching the latest styles or designs in appliances and deciding what is popular. Reviewing the sales data of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) reveals what consumers are currently purchasing.


Time-saving items continue to be a hit because consumers lead busy lives and are always looking for ways to work efficiently in the kitchen. Induction cooktops offer shorter cook times and also have more accuracy with the temperature, which provides convenience when it comes to preparing healthy meals for your family. Many refrigerators also contain features such as the ability to create a weekly list on them and then transfer that list to your phone or even your favorite grocery store for pick-up using a convenient app. Other time saving features include washing machines that wash two loads at one time and dishwashers with shorter cycles or set and forget features.

Knowing the top products to purchase for your custom home helps your home to improve the way you live. With the help of professionals, you can select appliances that are beautiful, functional and a smart investment.