Make your home more desirable with upgrades that are included on the property, which will allow you to show it off to your guests. There are specific features that are becoming more common in custom homes and can allow you to get more use out of the space. When you’re ready to design a custom house, there are a few upgrades to consider.

1. Pots and Pans Drawers

More people are relying on pots and pans drawers to keep their kitchen organized and make it easy to find what they need while preparing a meal. Pots and pans drawers are handy because they’re incredibly deep and can allow you to stack your pots and pans in one place instead of digging for them in the back of your cabinets. The drawers can be installed underneath the countertops to make them easy to reach as you’re spending time in the kitchen. Ask your builder to insert dividers to separate the items to prevent them from shifting around each time the drawer is opened or closed.

2. Carpet Pad

Instead of spending more than you can afford on luxurious carpeting, opt for installing carpet pad under the flooring material to add extra cushion that is comfortable. Carpet pads are an ideal upgrade because they’re affordable and will also increase the durability of your carpet, allowing it to last longer. The material is perfect to use because you’ll add a touch of comfort to your bedrooms and living room.

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3. A Designated Microwave Spot

Many homeowners resort to placing their microwave on the countertop, which can take up space and leave you with a limited amount of room for prepping food or cooking. Building a designated microwave spot when constructing your Alair Homes Tri-Cities property will allow you to conserve space and keep the appliance out of the way. Consider building a cabinet where it can be stored underneath the countertop or above the stovetop where a fan is included. Pre-planning where specific appliances will be used in the kitchen of your custom home will create a more functional and efficient space that you’ll appreciate each day.

4. Colorful Cabinetry

Instead of painting the walls in the kitchen of your custom home, request that your cabinets have a pop of color to draw more attention to the feature and make it set the tone. Colorful cabinetry is on the rise because it adds extra personality to rooms and will allow them to look contemporary. You can use the same coat of paint on your kitchen island to make the features match and look streamlined. Use black if you want to make the cabinets look bold and unique or choose gray or green to make the room appear light and airy.

5. Cabinets with Height

Cabinets with extra height not only store more items to keep them off of the countertops. High cabinets look modern and chic when you want your kitchen to have a contemporary design and also won’t collect dust above the feature. You can also request that your builder adds a high cabinet above the refrigerator to make the appliance look like it’s built-in once it’s installed. Extra cabinetry will increase the amount of storage space that is available and will allow you to keep everything organized in the room.