Renovating a home is a big job, and one of the many choices you will face is the color of the countertops. There are many choices available, depending on the type of decor you will have. The professionals at Alair Homes Tri-Cities offer the following advice on countertop colors.

Flecked White

This popular color works well in many designs because it is neutral and adds a contemporary touch. It will make the space feel sophisticated and clean while adding light. You can get it in quartz with a subtle grain that works well in traditional kitchens or rooms with brass accents.

Pure White

If you prefer something low-maintenance, a pure white in Corian or Caesarstone is the perfect choice for minimalist designs. Pure white will add a feeling of space to a small condo kitchen, especially when used with white cabinets. It also acts as a visual break where there are already many bold grains and colors present. Pairing pure white countertops with with dark blue cabinets will provide a nautical look in the kitchen.

Warm Wood

When you have a white, traditional-style kitchen, using a wood countertop will stop the look from being too severe. It provides balance between older and more modern elements while adding richness to the overall look. Another approach is to use wood on islands or other food prep areas to contrast with stone countertops in other parts of the room.

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Black and Other Dark Colors

While dark countertops add drama, you have to be cautious about creating a look that is too gloomy or gothic. Using a number of light sources will prevent the space from feeling like a cave. In a kitchen with lighter, subtle colors, dark countertops will prevent too much light from being absorbed, making the room feel cozy. Black does work in some circumstances, but it is best practice to stick with charcoal.

Gray Midtone

Many modern designs are built around neutral color schemes, and gray countertops fit right in with this approach. A softly flecked gray is an excellent choice for busy kitchens where stains and spills will occur. It looks great even when it is not perfectly clean. Gray also blends darker and lighter elements in a room. It adds a friendly vibe while harmonizing metal accents.

Bold Vein

This style will provide a countertop that immediately gets attention. Since bold vein is such a startling look, it is best to use it in larger spaces where it will not overwhelm other elements and colors. In the kitchen, it can be used to offset darker cabinets, but you will want to keep other finishes muted.

Choosing a color for countertops does not have to be difficult. Consult with a professional at Alair Homes Tri-Cities, compare samples and make the choice that is right for your home design.